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Dell Technologies Launches Brand New Consumer-Oriented AI-Powered PC Lineup

On April 8th, 2024, Dell Technologies announced a brand new lineup of AI-enabled consumer and gaming PCs in India. The launch unveiled 3 new lines of PCs – XPS 14 & 16, Alienware m16 R2, and Inspiron 14 Plus. The devices are powered by top-of-the-line Intel® Core TM Ultra processors with integrated AI to enhance the speed and performance capabilities of the PCs. The new lineup is perfect for students, gamers, professionals, and content creators.

What’s New?

With the expansion of the XPS series, the XPS 16 is Dell’s most powerful laptop yet with supercharged performance more complex workload. The XPS 14 is the ideal laptop for travellers who need portability with its lightweight but stunning design. The new additions to the XPS series are powered by neural processing units (NPU), which means they no longer need to solely rely on a CPU or GPU for processing and performance. 

The XPS 14

The XPS 16

A special opportunity arose at the event where Exhibit got exclusive quotes from Pujan Chadha, Director for Product Marketing, Consumer and Small Business, Dell Technologies, India. In our conversation about the novelty of the new PCs, he said, “There are typically 4 things that every product guy at Dell keeps in mind. One is the design factor, the other is the performance, then is the immersive experience, and lastly, sustainability. These are the 4 cores that every person within the Dell fraternity, from a product team standpoint, keep in mind at the time of designing new products.” 

Pujan Chadha – Pujan Chadha, Director for Product Marketing, Consumer and Small Business, Dell Technologies, India.

Keeping their core vision in mind, the Alienware m16 R2 is designed specifically for gamers. Alienware m16 R2 focuses on portability without compromising on performance and speed. It includes Intel Core Ultra H Series processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series graphics for a stunning, smooth performance. The key change is the use of the cryo-tech thermal solution to balance out the performance capability and also has a Stealth Mode button, eliminating the pesky loud fan noise that draws attention. Last but not least, the Inspiron 14 Plus is a powerful PC with a range of AI-powered assets, including auto-framing and better visual enhancements. The creativity within one device is perfect for your work-from-home needs. 

The Inspiron 14 Plus

The Alienware m16 R2


  • The XPS 16 (9640) starts at INR 2,99,990 and releasing on April 25, 2024.
  • The XPS 14 (9440) starts at INR 1,99,990 and releasing on April 25, 2024.
  • The Alienware m16 R2 starts at INR 1,49,999 and released on April 9, 2024. 
  • The Inspiron 14 Plus (7440) starts at INR 1,05,999 and released on April 8, 2024. 

Dell Technology Recognises AI as an Asset

Dell Technologies is bold with its AI capabilities and development. This range of products is powered by AI for seamless performance. The new XPS 16 & 14 include a personal AI assistant to do your heavy lifting. The Inspiron 14 Plus has AI-enabled auto framing that dynamically adjusts to keep your person centred on the camera and the eye contact feature is on even when you look away. Despite the great potential of AI, there is still hesitation around the functionality. At the launch, they had guest speakers demonstrate AI’s potential. 

To this, Pujan Chadha assures, “We look at each and everything as an opportunity. Even internally, we look at AI in terms of empowering our own team members. We encourage them to adopt AI wherever possible and then take it to another level. Our ethos from a Dell standpoint remains clear whatever technologies we create are more to fuel the potential of human beings. So human beings continue to be the key to each and everything we do. From that standpoint, we are pretty excited about what AI can bring in the next few years. It is still in the very niche stage of coming up so a lot of it is wait and watch.” 

Raj Kumar Rishi, the Vice President and Managing Director, Consumer and Small Business, Dell Technologies, India, brilliantly sums it up at the ceremony itself: 

“We are at the intersection of AI and personal computing and have the unique position to lead the PC experience revolution. Dell Technologies is just as excited today as we’ve ever been about the future of PC, of it being and will continue to be our customer’s true digital partner. We’re focused on being the leading consumer PC provider for the AI era with new AI-enabled lineups that are more intuitive, efficient, and adaptable for everyone. The next generation of CPUs, GPUs, and the addition of NPUs and accelerators will enable our customers in India to handle even more complicated AI workloads and that’s a winning opportunity for the PC.”

Final Thoughts

Chadha also finally reflects on the future of Dell, “We have always been very positive. Our motto is always the same. We simply want to make our customers very happy, to choose us, and to participate in their success and growth. That’s it, we want to make our customers happy.” 

It’s a dedication and devotion to better performance and natural growth that Dell promises with their products. The new consumer portfolio upholds Dell’s reputation as the Leader in Technology and presents a bright future for them and their customers. The ceremony buzzed with the energy and excitement of a new era.

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