Marshall Stanmore 3 Speaker Review
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Marshall Stanmore III Speaker Review | Modern Inside, Vintage Outside


The Marshall Stanmore III is a Bluetooth speaker that gained my attention due to its blend of classic design and modern functionality. Is this the premium speaker you’ve been searching for? I tested Stanmore III for several weeks, and now I’m ready to provide a comprehensive review.


The Marshall Stanmore III has a vintage-inspired design that pays homage to the brand’s heritage. It features a sturdy wooden frame with a leather vinyl covering, giving it a robust and premium feel. The front of the speaker has a premium woven grille and the iconic Marshall logo made out of brass accents, adding to its retro aesthetic. On the top panel, there are analog control knobs for volume, bass, and treble, as well as a source and play/pause button. There is also a power on/off control switch. These controls not only enhance the vintage vibe but also provide a tactile and intuitive user experience.

On the back, there is the woofer output, an RCA connector, and a detachable power cable. Unfortunately, this speaker needs to be connected to a power source in order to listen to music, as it does not have a built-in battery to make it portable.


The Stanmore III speaker is impressive when it comes to sound quality. It  delivers powerful, room-filling sound that is not only rich but also perfectly balanced. This is made possible by the speaker’s impressive setup, which includes a 50-watt Class D amplifier for the woofer and two 15-watt Class D amplifiers for the tweeters. This combination ensures a full range of sound, covering both low and high frequencies with remarkable clarity and precision.

One of the standout features of the Stanmore III is its ability to produce deep, punchy bass that truly resonates with the listener. The mids and highs are equally impressive, offering crisp and detailed sound that brings out the full richness of the audio. What’s more, the speaker’s analog controls for bass and treble provide users with the flexibility to customize the sound according to their specific preferences and needs.

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The Marshall Stanmore III is equipped with all the necessary features for a speaker. One of its standout features is the inclusion of Bluetooth 5.2 with Qualcomm aptX technology, ensuring a stable connection and high-quality audio streaming from compatible devices. The Bluetooth 5.2 technology provides a reliable and efficient wireless connection with a range of up to 30 feet. Thanks to the latest Bluetooth version, the Stanmore III supports multi-host functionality, allowing two Bluetooth devices to connect simultaneously, making it easy to switch between different music sources. The auxiliary and RCA inputs further expand its connectivity options, offering users multiple ways to connect the speaker according to their needs.


The Marshall Stanmore III is a versatile Bluetooth speaker that blends vintage design with modern technology. Its sturdy build, powerful sound, and flexible connectivity options make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a high-quality audio device with a retro touch. However, it comes with a premium price tag of  ₹41,999. If budget is not a concern, then this speaker is worth considering.


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