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Mivi Fort Q500 (Review) – Striking the Bass Note in a Budget

Mivi Fort Q500

As cinematic sound emerged as a pivotal aspect of the viewing experience, technology advanced in lockstep. Movie theatres evolved into immersive soundscapes, raising audience expectations to new heights. Then came the advent of soundbars, offering to replicate the thunderous theatre experience within the confines of home entertainment setups, now a staple in modern homes. Whether one is a casual viewer or a discerning audiophile, the market offers a plethora of soundbars catering to diverse budgets and preferences.

Among the prominent brands like Sony, Samsung, Bose, and Philips, renowned for their premium offerings albeit at a steep price point, emerges Mivi, an Indian brand endeavouring to redefine the home theatre experience without breaking the bank. Priced at ₹14,499 on its website with potential discounts available on platforms like Amazon, the Mivi Fort Q500 positions itself as a flagship soundbar promising an immersive auditory journey. Let’s have a look at the Mivi Fort Q500 and uncover its strengths as well as limitations.


The Mivi Fort Q500 boasts a sleek all-metal construction, with the main soundbar sporting a compact chassis and metal grille adorned with satellite speakers. Its cuboidal form exudes elegance, especially when wires are meticulously concealed, lending a premium aura to its presence. Featuring four distinguished ‘bumps’ atop and carbon-fibre-like detailing on the sides, the soundbar exudes a sophisticated charm.

Accompanying the soundbar is a subwoofer characterized by its clean aesthetics and a multifunctional knob atop, facilitating seamless control over sources and volume, a convenient feature in the absence of the remote. The comprehensive remote offers an array of controls, including volume modulation, surround sound customization, and various modes. 

Equipped with an array of ports for wired connections such as HDMI, USB, Optical, and Coaxial, alongside Bluetooth v5.3, the subwoofer ensures versatility in connectivity. However, the wired setup necessitates meticulous cable management for a clutter-free environment, a hard-to-do task demanding patience and precision.


Delivering a robust 500W output and a 5.1-channel audio experience, the Mivi Fort Q500 impresses with its powerful bass, catering to enthusiasts of thumping soundscapes. While the built-in full-range speakers and satellite speakers contribute to spatial audio, their efficacy out-of-the-box might leave some wanting.

Nonetheless, the inclusion of multiple EQ modes tailored to different content genres enhances the versatility of the soundbar, albeit with some operational intricacies. Switching between modes to optimise audio quality for varied content can be slightly cumbersome, potentially detracting from the overall user experience.

Despite its commendable cinematic immersion and heavy bass prowess, the default output settings often skew towards overpowering bass, overshadowing nuanced dialogue and subtler audio elements. Adjusting bass levels and volume with each mode becomes a recurring inconvenience, dampening the seamless viewing/listening experience.


The Mivi Fort Q500 emerges as a compelling option for budget-conscious consumers seeking an immersive audio experience with an emphasis on bass. However, for those prioritising clarity and refinement, the soundbar falls short of perfection. While it fulfils its promise of delivering a cinematic experience and 5.1-channel surround sound, operational nuances and bass dominance detract from its potential as a frontrunner in its price segment.

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