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Travel Influencer of the Month – Radhika Nomllers

Radhika Nomllers as the Travel Influencer of the Month

Ex: What inspired you to become a travel influencer?
Radhika: Actually, nothing inspired me, as it was never my aim. I started my travel journey in 2018 when the influencer word wasn’t coined. I quit my job to see if I could freelance and find a remote job because it was a time when remote jobs were not a thing. I started writing blogs and was active on Instagram to promote it more, and over time, it picked up with Instagram as well as YouTube.

Ex: What are the necessary gadgets that you keep with you while travelling?
Radhika: I have a lot of gadgets, but the Sony a7S III (with zoom lenses) is essential, followed by the DJI Mavic Air drone, DJI Mic, and lastly, GoPro if I am going on an adventure activity.

Ex: How do you choose your travel destinations and plan your trips? Do you have any specific criteria or preferences?
Radhika: Unlike mainstream places like Thailand and Indonesia, I prefer to go to places that excite me. For instance, I recently travelled to Mongolia, and it’s hardly covered and raw. I like to see places that offer such raw and local experiences and are more culturally oriented than places that are beautified because of luxuries.

Ex: How has travel influenced your lifestyle choices, such as diet, fitness, or sustainability practices?
Radhika: Honestly, because of travel, I’m not able to do any fitness activities as the trips are so intense and hardcore that where I am going to be in the next few days is always unpredictable. So, I don’t know when to work out, and since I’m a vegetarian, I struggle a lot with my diet too. But over the years, I have learned to carry dehydrated home-cooked foods because, outside India, we struggle to get Indian food.

Ex: Can you share a memorable encounter or interaction with locals during your travels that left a lasting impact on you?
Radhika: One of my favourite experiences was in Kruger National Park, South Africa, where we danced with the local tribes, and it was really lively. Another one was actually in Ethiopia; there were these kids, and as soon as we entered their village, they took us around the village, and those girls were really like playing around with my hair and seeing them.

Quick Bytes:

Road trips or Flights?
Ans: Flights

Beaches or mountains?
Ans: Mountains

Next place you want to go?
Ans: Antarctica

Places with the best food?
Ans: India

Longest distance you have travelled in one go?
Ans: I think it could be Mongolia, as far as I remember. It took me almost two days to get there.

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