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Google Maps Tips And Tricks: Playing With Locations

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You may have played many games in your life. But have you ever tried hands-on Google Maps? Yeah, it’s true. The app that you feel you are using is draining your battery can be a play for sure—all you need to pull your shirts up and start learning with tricks related to Google Maps. In this Exhibit blog, we dedicate you to grasp key and crucial Google Maps tips and tricks. 

No more Arrow

You select the point from where you will start and the destination and click on the “Start” option. An arrow will start projecting the direction and let you follow the path. But, if this arrow icon has become obsolete in your eyes, try something different. How? Just click on this arrow icon, and some options will open in front of you: car, car-pickup, and SUV.

Downloading Map

You are driving on a long journey, and you know that an instance will arise when you will not get internet in between. At that time, if you are relying on Google Maps, you can feel utter frustration. But there’s a solution to it. Just click on the vertical ellipsis icon and tap on the “Download offline map” option. Through this, you can keep track of yourself by checking it with the map offline mode. 

Where did I leave my car?

Yes, it happens. We are often unable to recall where we have parked our car. To avoid such scenarios, Google Maps allows you to save your parking space. Just click on the icon that is showing your current location after you come out of your car and hit the Save your parking/ Set as parking location option (depends on whether you have an Android or iOS smartphone). It will help you in a very good manner.

Location Labelling

What if you want to open a location between your home and a restaurant. You will have to enter the address of your home every time. Congrats! you don’t need to take this burden. Just add a label to the location pin by pressing on the location and label like ‘Home’ or ‘Office’. Rest Google Maps will remember how to extract information from these labels.

Location Sharing

Sometimes you are returning late to your phone. An Indian mother or partner will always worry for you by calling you frequently to know your whereabouts. You can simply suppress their worries through Google Maps by sharing your live location. Yeah, this option is also available with Google Maps, apart from WhatsApp. All you need is to tap on your profile icon and select the Location sharing option. After that, options will open where you can choose the medium through which you want to share the location. 

Google Maps History

You need evidence even in normal life. If you have to prove your location on a particular date or time, Google Maps stores it. You can check the places you have visited. Google Maps will present all the data in the form of a timeline.

Final Remarks

Hope you have learnt some key and crucial Google Maps tips and tricks that can be handy for you at some instance. Use them as per your comfort. 

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