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Top 10 Mobile Apps for College Students: Part 1

Essential Apps for College Students

Ahh, College! Gone were the days when the “Papa Kehte Hain ” song took people to their college days. PM Modi is constantly working on Atmanirbhar Bharat, but he forgets one crucial thing – Atmanirbharta or self-reliance comes when one joins a college and hostel. Trust me; it is what you will look upon where your second home teaches you every single thing in your life in bits and pieces. I am sure that even this year, many students are ready to make their move to their college, be it a virtual one, till the time vaccination reaches a major portion of the population. One of the major events that will happen with you is that some of you will get your smartphone and be ready to utilize it to the fullest. Let’s know what are essential apps for college students from this Exhibit blog.


I am sure many of you know about this splendid application. This app is no less than a rockstar. Why? First of all, it can soothe you in finding your kind of song. Next, it has a wide range of podcasts that can help you during your college days. I was a passionate coder, so I found one podcast channel by Andres Arriaga. This channel can ensure that your coding journey is smooth. So, yes, this will be the first essential app that you will like to have on your smartphone. Exhibit has covered news on Spotify recently, which you can read from here.

Google Calendar

Some restless days can come for you when you know that you have not a single minute in a day for yourself. Yeah, sometimes your college schedule can create a complete ruckus for sure. Now, you will be reluctant to halt at any moment, but those situations will demand the relentless quotient in you. For those times, Google Calendar as a companion can help you a lot in optimizing time management.


Hey, don’t move further if you think your smartphone allows you to get in-built notes making apps . No, you should not use it. Now, please don’t get offended as I am no one who will control you. But, I hold a strong reason. What? The best part about this app is that it allows smooth integration with your Gmail account to store these files on the cloud. I hope it is a concrete reason that can allow you to download this mobile app. 

CamScanner or other Image to PDF Converter

Guys and girls, you need to go digital. Please don’t consider me as a right-wing politician. Digitization literally brings comfort to your life. A situation may arise when you need to borrow notes by taking pictures from your friend in one shot. You saved it as pictures and started reading them on your laptop (considering that it helps you give visualization), but you will sense the issue of closing one image and opening the other to read the notes. Instead, get something that can convert these bunch of images into PDF format files. Get any authenticated app that can help you in achieving this feat. 

Any Payment App

You will be above 18. You will have your bank accounts. And, sometimes, it will happen that you don’t have money in your wallet, but you need to spend it on buying some commodities. Well, for that purpose, you need a payment app. Sometimes, you have to transfer it to a friend, and you have no energy or intention to go to your campus’s bank ATM to take out the cash. Download GooglePay, PhonePe, PayTM, etc., for such instances, whichever suits you the most. 

Essential Apps for College Students

According to Exhibit, this one article is not enough to showcase some of the finest mobile applications that need to be present on your smartphone. Hence, Exhibit will come again with another edition with a second part (with bigger Mirzapur-type applications this time). Get ready to learn more on essential apps for college students.

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