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How To Boost Your Home Office Productivity?

How To Boost Your Home Office Productivity?

Working from the comfort of our homes has its perks like we don’t have to commute daily, and we can wear pyjamas or boxer shorts even during a zoom meeting. Still, after a certain period, it all started looking like a monotonous century-old pattern, and we felt infirmity between the four walls, which eventually led us to unhappy work life.

Earlier, before the pandemic, when things affected our creativity and productivity, we always used to go out for a short vacation, but it’s not a viable option during current times. So, to get rid of the negativity, we must have to look for the solution within our beloved homes and for that matter, here are a few tips on how to boost your home office productivity.

Office Space

What’s the first thing you do when you sit down to start work? If it’s checking email, then congrats, you’ve entered a graduation phase of working from home, but if it’s YouTube or other social media sites, then you need to get back on track soon. A dedicated work area will always help you activate your work mode. Start with decluttering and keep your desk organised as well as clean; these little efforts will help you improve your concentration and productivity. Also, set some boundaries to keep yourself away from distractions and create a dedicated schedule to stay more focused during office hours.

Start Early

How To Boost Your Home Office Productivity?

Wake up early and seize the day before it seizes you; the quote looks nice for our Instagram post but fails when it comes to applying it in our lives, but we can always give it a try. Nowadays, zero commuting ultimately adds a few more hours in life, but we spent those hours watching movies and stuff during the night, resulting in keeping those curtains closed till we receive the zoom check-in. Sleeping till late will harm your well-being and then your performance. So, why not wake up early and start the work as early as possible, don’t you want to spend a little time on your other skills?


Light travels faster than anything and plays a significant role in every kind of work; whether you’re on a movie set or working from home, a well-positioned light will never disappoint you. The first step to turning back to your productivity is creating a positive atmosphere around you with better lighting, as it makes a huge difference to your productivity and quality of life. When it comes to choosing a source of light, always go for a natural source as it is more beneficial for you. According to a few studies, exposure to sunlight directly affects your mental health and helps you be more productive.

Appropriate Technology

How To Boost Your Home Office Productivity?

Technology is one of the best aspects of work from home culture, but only if you use it as a wise guy. Set your home office like a professional, install all the necessary tools you need to give it a more commercial office look. Here, we’re not talking about 15-feet glass windows or a piece of cubicle furniture. With appropriate technology, we’re trying to convince you to install a Wi-Fi router close to your home office desk, invest in quality headphones to avoid tussles during a zoom meeting, and put all the necessary apps on a taskbar to make them handy.

Colors & Decor

The work from home culture turned us into lazy fellows, and we even started withdrawing the basic required things to create positive vibes, but we still have time to make the most out of the situation. Start from the wall colour and decor, choose a colour palette or theme that will make you feel good and set a few soothing, peaceful paintings or art frames on it. Also, add an air purifier and some scented candles to your cart, it will help you get pure fresh air and improve your quality of life along with productivity. Shop a little, as it’s worth spending a small amount for creating a nice vibe.

Indoor Plant

How To Boost Your Home Office Productivity?

A little greenery around your desk will help you reduce stress and sickness and make your home office space more attractive. A little indoor plant will liven up your workspace, helping you increase your attention span and improve your creativity and productivity. According to a few studies, plants have psychological effects, and they help us stabilise our mood, lower our blood pressure, enhance our sleep and mental health. Along with a plant, you can even get an office pet, but only if you’re comfortable working around them and sincere enough to take care of them. Start small with a goldfish or budgie or even a baby turtle.

Small Breaks

How To Boost Your Home Office Productivity?

One can not concentrate for a straight 8 or 9 hours; we all have our limitations, and sitting for long hours is not even advisable by experts as it leads to having pain in several body parts. If you want to boost your productivity and stay healthy at the same time, then don’t forget to take a 5-10 minute break after every one or two hours. Use your break time to walk a little around your house and stretch your muscles with some exercises. Meditation and a light session of Yoga before work will help you stay focused. Also, make sure you have easy access to snacks and drinks during a busy workday; an empty stomach will make you slow, leading you towards distractions.

All of the above hacks will take care of most of your home office productivity if you dedicate yourself to them, but during the journey, don’t force these guidelines on yourself. In the end, what matters most is your happiness and health. So, make sure you’re keeping yourself happy, active, motivated, and a little relaxed while following your home office schedule.

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