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MALINI AGARWAL – Entrepreneur Influencer of the year (Female), Editor’s Choice


Ex : How did your content creation journey kick start?
So, my content creation journey began 15 years ago. I was a radio jockey, and I started writing a column called Malini’s Mumbai, which many years later ended up becoming Miss Malini, and that’s how I started my content creation journey before the word content creator or influencer even existed.

Ex : What is your most viral reel/short? How did the idea come, and how long did it take to shoot?
It must be some of the fun reels I’ve done with Bollywood celebrities over the years, and it didn’t take very long to shoot.

Ex : Any 4 creators you want to collaborate with in the future.
I would like to collaborate with Lilly Singh, Niharika, Kusha Kapila, and Mostly Sane. : What piece of tech is your favourite Definitely my headphones. I never go anywhere without them.

Ex : Assuming Instagram is shutting down in 24 hours, what will you do?
I will be so happy as I can detox and take a little break.

Ex : Tell us about a project that you are the most proud of.
I think through the years, I’ve been very lucky that I got to be exposed to so many incredible people. Prahlad Kakkad was one of the first people who led me on the right path to becoming a copywriter, then Ashok Kuri in advertising at midday. The list is very long, and I’m very grateful to have all of them.

Ex : Give us one or more hashtags describing you

Ex : Can you describe a BTS / blooper that happened during a shoot but didn’t make it into the final content piece?
I have tons of bloopers, and one day I will release them one by one.

Ex : What will the creator landscape look like in 10 years from now?
I think my very first trend must have been some dance.

Ex : What are the platforms you are active on – how do you decide what goes where?
I think that we’re gonna be miles ahead as there’s already so much happening. We will get to see a lot of AIbot creators like Little Miss Quela, and there’s gonna be a lot of new apps and influencers. I think that there’s gonna be a lot of things that I can’t even predict and imagine, but I’m excited that I’m gonna be part of it.

Ex : What are the platforms you are active on?
I’m on Instagram, Snapchat, Threads, X aka Twitter, and even Pinterest.

Ex : What’s the next big thing in the pipeline for you?
I’m writing my second book, and it’s called Under the Influ. It’s coming out in January, and I’m super excited about the release.

Ex : What is your dream project?
I’m already living the dream life and am super grateful for it every day. I do have a couple of dream projects, and the one I would like to share is starting the Miss Malini Academy.

Ex : Advice you would like to give to budding creators.
Never stop having fun, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Don’t say I wish I was at a million followers because it’ll never be enough. Enjoy the journey as it’s more important than the destination.

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