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Sameer Bhatia | Top Leaders In Tec & Auto

The newly announced solutions today include the 100% open source-based software CORTX™: the collaborative open-source CORTX™ Community; and the open, flexible reference architecture deployed as converged infrastructure Live Drive™ Rack, powered by CORTX.

Ex: What is your target audience in the Indian market for Seagate’s video surveillance products?
Sameer: With safety and security being the prime concern of individuals and organizations, surveillance systems in India are becoming an indispensable part of the country’s endeavor for a secured environment for its people. The rising need for advanced security, India’s smart cities agenda, growing IT infrastructure, increasing IT spending, surging need for video analytics and remote monitoring are the trends that have been driving the video surveillance market in India.

Ex: How significant has your role been in the foundation of a smart city?
Sameer: Seagate is continuously working towards innovations in data management space that can help transcend Smart Cities from vision and conceptual phase to reality. We are helping put data to work to help cities in their quest for comprehensive data systems.

Ex: How long do you think till the need for offline data saving is eliminated?
Sameer: Managing the storage of data is among the top 5 challenges highlighted in the Rethink Data report to exploit the potential of the data collected by enterprises. Modern-day technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the growth of edge computing, edge data centers, and artificial intelligence (AI) coupled with consumer demand has led to data proliferation. This has led to the development of the concept of Data Sprawl. Defined by the Rethink Data report as the percentage by which the datasphere increases over time, data sprawl describes the spread of the growing data through various configurations—from endpoints through edge to cloud. Data sprawl also describes how business data is scattered. This distribution won’t change significantly over the next two years, indicating that enterprise storage environments will remain dispersed and complex for the foreseeable future. Enterprises will have an ever-increasing need to manage this scattered data wherever it exists.

Ex: Can you describe in brief Seagate’s marketing strategies for India?
Sameer: We connect with our customers and partners in the markets through the Seagate Insider partner program. This year, we will continue to focus on providing comprehensive training sessions and seminars as well as working on co-marketing initiatives to better identify evolving opportunities in the changing norms currently.

Ex: What are some opportunities emerging for Seagate keeping in mind the new normal?
Sameer: Over the years, there has been a surge globally in data creation and consumption – a trend that is helping us grow. Also, with an increase in the
number of connected devices in the new normal, there has been exceptional growth in the creation and consumption of data. In India too, we have been seeing strong demand growth in enterprise data management and also video surveillance.

Ex: What steps is Seagate taking for customer’s data protection?
Sameer: Improving data security is the most important factor driving the changes to how organizations manage central storage needs. Awareness about data preservation is another challenge that needs to be overcome to protect organizational information. Recurring data backup helps in keeping the data secure throughout and provides easy access to the information as and when it is required.

Ex: Apart from storage and surveillance devices, will Seagate like to venture into a completely new segment?
Sameer: In the recently concluded, Seagate’s first annual Datasphere event, we introduced revolutionary open-source object storage software, a reference architecture powered by it, and a corresponding developer community. All three additions have been developed to manage the massive surge and sprawl of unstructured enterprise data.

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