Slayy Point Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

Slayy Point Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

Slayypoint interview by exhibit

Slayy Point

@slayypoint | Entertainment Duo 

Q1. How did @slayypoint come into the world of content creation

After finishing high school, my friends and I were enthusiastic about YouTube, especially since it was booming in India. We decided to start our own channel with 5-6 friends, although some eventually left due to studies. It took a while to find our niche, but eventually, we succeeded. 

Q2. Reaction videos or Vlogs?

For us, creating commentary videos is a labour of love, requiring time and effort. While we respect vlogging, commentary and roasting videos are our top choice.

Q3. A gadget you want to gift each other and why?

Abhyudaya would like to gift Gautami a new pair of headphones, while Gautami would prefer to give a membership to Apple and Samsung so that he can first get new products.

Q4.  If you would want to see each other star in a movie, which one would it be?

In casting, Abhyudaya would choose Gautami as Alia Bhatt in ‘Student of the Year,’ and Gautami would cast him as Hrithik Roshan in ‘Dhoom 2.’ 

Q5. What other creators do you enjoy watching?

Currently, we enjoy watching videos by MKBHD, Saiman Says on YouTube, and Dharnaa on Instagram.

Q6. As we look back on Exhibit’s 18-year anniversary, how do you see the content creation journey has evolved over the years?

Having been in content creation for 7-8 years, we’ve witnessed its growth across India, with creators gaining more opportunities and brands trusting them as faces for their products. It’s heartening to see smaller creators getting work and pursuing their passions, thanks to brands spreading their budgets across a diverse range of creators.

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