Tejas Patil Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

Tejas Patil Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

Tejas Patil 

@elementec | The Tech Wizard 

Q1. How did @elementec come into the world of content creation?

In 2016, I saw my friend earn his first YT money and realized recording videos was something I could explore, starting with comedy. In 2019, after much experimentation and failure, I launched Elementec on YouTube. A techie since childhood, I used to fix computers, troubleshoot tech issues, and flash ROMs on my first Android phone. During the second lockdown, I began sharing tech content on Instagram. As the first creator of short-form tech content, my followers grew from 500 to 900k in 7-8 months, leading to the birth of Elementec.

 Q2. What are your thoughts on AI, VR and AR in recent times, good or bad?

AI, AR, and VR are buzzing topics lately, and I have mixed feelings about them. I’m super excited about AI! It’s opening up possibilities from making life easier to solving huge math problems. But I worry about AI being misused, especially with things like deepfakes. AI has incredible power, but in the wrong hands, it could be trouble. I hope we use AI with awareness of its power. Remember Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility.” AR might not seem cool at first, but in design, visualizations, and manufacturing, it boosts productivity. Wouldn’t it be cool to plan your desk in AR before clicking add to cart? I’m most excited about VR. It’s not quite there yet, but it’s mind-blowing! I’ve tried it and can’t wait to see its full potential. Apple Vision Pro has shown us many possibilities for using AR, VR, and AI. I’m just waiting for the day we can visit any part of Earth using holograms.

Q3. What’s your favourite new tech gadget that you love apart from phones, cameras, etc?

I have a multiport charging cable that has a type C charging port, a Lightning port and even a micro USB port on one end and a USB type A on the other, it does not seem like much, but when you travel with as much as gadgets I do, this cable is blessing that keeps me away from huge tangles. Also, don’t forget my handy gadget cleaner, with 18 in 1 tool option to keep my gadgets clean. Although my display is always filled with fingerprints and I don’t get time to clean them!

Q4. Any particular thing/place that you want tech to be included?

Consumer healthcare needs a tech boost. We’ve started digitizing, but we’re still stuck with old-school record-keeping and prescriptions. We have amazing apps, but there’s no solid solution that covers everything. Ironically, fixing tech could use more tech itself! Accurate diagnostics for gadgets could seriously cut down on electronic waste.

Q5. Apart from you, what other creators do you enjoy watching?

I am really into Science and Tech. To name a few, Mark Rober, Veritasium, Iman Gadzhi, Kurzgesagt, and The Ranveer Show are some of the creators I follow to my core because of the insights they bring on worldly subjects ranging from History, Science, to the Future, and Black Holes!

Q6. As we look back on Exhibit’s 18-year anniversary, how do you see the content creation journey has evolved over the years?

A big game-changer in content creation was the rise of short videos. People who couldn’t commit to longer formats can now get their message across in seconds. Content creation is easier and more accessible than ever; anyone can become a creator with just a smartphone and internet connection. However, there’s concern about our attention spans with all this quick content. Interestingly, the surge in short content has sparked curiosity in longer-form videos and text. People crave in-depth, detailed content to balance the quick hits, bringing internet content creation full circle.

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