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TARA SUTARIA – Enchanting Beauty

Stars do shine without darkness, and Tara Sutaria is a great example – With a voice that can serenade the ears and a charisma that dances through every frame, Tara has not only graced the silver screen but also our hearts. She’s a multi-talented sensation who effortlessly glides between the realms of acting and music. Join us as we embark on a harmonious journey through the life and artistry of this Bollywood diva, where dreams blend with reality, and the stage is always set for a star-studded symphony.

Exhibit : Hey Tara, Welcome to Goa! You’re shooting for Exhibit Magazine again today, What’s the vibe & how are you feeling?
Tara Sutaria : Thank you so much! I am so excited to be in Goa, It’s one of my favourite places in the country. Really happy to be back!

Ex : Today we’re going to ask you some quick questions. The first one is: Snapchat stories or Instagram stories?
Tara : I am actually not on Snapchat so Instagram!



Ex : What’s your go-to comfort food?
Tara : It’s this Parsi dish that I grew up loving & I still love. In fact, whenever I am travelling & come back home, it is the first thing I like to have. It’s like a really nice soupy broth with meat & rice. It’s really simple & delicious.

Ex : If you were to star in a remake of any classic Bollywood movie, which one would it be?
Tara : Oh Gosh! I think ‘Chaudhvin Ka Chand’.

Ex : Describe your style in one word!
Tara : My style in one word would probably be – Classic.

Ex : A clumsy moment you cannot help but laugh about?
Tara : I was on one of my terraces and a guest was walking into my living room. The glass door was shut and I ran to welcome him and banged into the glass and fell backwards! I think that’s probably my clumsiest moment.

Ex : Would you rather Netflix binge or YouTube scroll?
Tara : Netflix! All the way.



Ex : Share one of your quirky or weird habits
Tara : I am always humming songs and it can irritate others sometimes. I am originally a singer so I am always either humming a song or snapping my fingers!

Ex : If your life had a theme song which one would it be?
Tara : I think it would be this French song called ‘La Vie En Rose’.

Ex : Call a person or text a person?
Tara : A little bit of both! I used to text more than I call but now I am doing both.

Ex : If you could wear only one outfit forever, what would it be?
Tara : I think a white maxi dress.

Ex : Would you rather have unlimited pizza or unlimited sushi?
Tara : Unlimited Pizza.

Ex : Selfies or Portraits?
Tara : Portraits.

Ex : Always speak in rhyme or only communicate by singing?
Tara : I love music so It has to be singing.

Ex : Never use social media again or never watch TV again?
Tara : That’s a tricky one… I wish for neither! But I guess never watch TV again as I’ve begun to enjoy communicating with others on social media.

Ex : If your life had a colour, what shade would it be?
Tara : I love White!

Ex : Always have a bad hair day or always wear a mismatched pair of shoes?
Tara : Oh Gosh! Never have a bad hair day, so I think I’ll go with mismatched shoes.

Ex : If you had a superpower solely to deal with Mumbai traffic, what would it be?
Tara : I think we all wish we had a superpower to deal with Mumbai traffic! I wish I could just skip it and explore the city.

Ex : What’s your favourite holiday destinations?
Tara : There are quite a few favourite holiday destinations. They keep changing every few years. I recently went to Paris and absolutely loved it. There’s always London and the Maldives!

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