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AMD launched a new Ryzen 5000 and 8000G series CPU and RX 7600 XT GPU at CES 2024

AMD unveiled a spectacular lineup that transcends the boundaries of performance and innovation at the CES 2024. Leading the charge is the groundbreaking Ryzen 8000G series, a fusion of Zen4-based CPUs with integrated graphics that redefine gaming standards. While conventional AMD CPUs boast integrated graphics, the 8000G series elevates the game with a prowess that promises an immersive gaming experience without the need for a dedicated graphics card.

Venturing on this visual odyssey are four distinct models, ranging from the formidable 4-core 8300G to the powerhouse 8-core 8700G. With Radeon 700M graphics, AMD boldly claims a seamless 1080p gaming escapade, even in demanding titles. But that’s not all – the 8000G series marks a significant milestone as the first AMD offering to feature an integrated NPU, ushering in an era of AI acceleration.

Meanwhile, the AM4 platform receives a final salute from AMD with the introduction of four new CPU models. The Ryzen 7 5700X3D steals the spotlight, a refined version of the beloved 5800X3D, adorned with 96MB of 3D V-Cache. Joining the ranks is the Ryzen 7 5700, once exclusive to system integrators, now making its grand entrance into the DIY market – a worthy successor to the discontinued 5700G, sans the integrated graphics.

The Ryzen 5 series witnesses the arrival of the 5600GT and 5500GT, offering enthusiasts enhanced CPU clocks and subtle differentiations from their predecessors. Not to be outdone, the graphics domain welcomes the Radeon RX 7600 XT, a marvel sporting an elevated base and boost clocks coupled with a generous 16GB of memory. Priced at $329, it sets a new standard, ready to grace the gaming landscape from January 24, while the Ryzen chips follow closely on January 31, promising a new era of computing exhilaration.

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