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Best Creators to Follow in 2024

Writer’s note: Content creators are one of the leading sources of entertainment and their main selling point is relatable comedy. The influencers were chosen for our April issue to align with the theme of hilarity and fun. These people have magnificent followings and distinct personalities that no one else could replicate. Some have even made history. You are guaranteed to find every one of them to be charming and their sketches will have you scrolling their pages like no tomorrow. 

Nirmal Pillai (@mahlyf_mahrulez)

The Chennai-based Malayali stand-up comedian takes his craft seriously. Nirmal Pillai is a multi-faceted 25-year-old internet personality whose comedy and wit took social media by storm. His fame landed him a world tour, including countries like the United Kingdom, Singapore and more. On top of his relatable skits on pop culture, Pillai has an entertaining series on his YouTube channel called ‘The Parotta Act,’ where he explains the weird history of various topics, mostly relating to India, and other pop culture phenomena. Overall, his content never has a single boring moment while also being informative. 

Follower count: 747K

Aishwarya Mohanraj (@aishwaryamrj)

Aishwarya Mohanraj is the Mumbai-based Malayali rising star of the stand-up world. YouTube and Instagram are her main platforms where she showcases her ability to switch between comedy genres. Her captivating presence and honed talents in stand-up stem from her days performing in smaller clubs and open mics. Her rise to fame began after she appeared as a participant on Amazon Prime’s ‘Comicstaan.’ She has then gone on to write for shows like Son of Abish, One Mic Stand, On Air with AIB, Comicstaan 2022, and more. 

Follower count: 730K

RJ Abhinav (@rjabhinavv)

Abhinav Chand, known as RJ Abhinav to fans, is a Delhi-based comedy content creator whose aura and eclectic nature draws in his audience. Starting as a radio jockey, Abhinav’s story-telling prowess only enhanced his comedic skills. He translated his experience from radio to Instagram reels and YouTube where his career could only go up. Growing up with parents who wanted a more traditional path, Abhinav was given 6 months to pursue his comedy career and fortunately for everyone, his career took off. He has perfected the art of narrating his experiences and never has a dull moment to tell. 

Follower count: 4.2M 

Krutika Singh (@themermaidscales)

Krutika Singh is an icon amongst influencers, with an incredible climb in fame due to her niche online persona and hard work. While most of her persona revolves around fashion and her love for anime cosplay, her comedy skits will leave you gasping for air. Her expressive personality and hilarious sketches show a whole other side of her and encourage others to showcase their diverse interests. She was not always all glam and glitter but now shows off an impressive portfolio of extraordinary outfits. Spending time on her page will make you begin considering neon eyeliner. 

Follower count: 8M 

Zakir Khan (@zakirkhan_208)

With a background in music and poetry, Zakir Khan’s rise to fame is one for the ages. On 8th October 2023, the comedian marked history by becoming the first Asian comedian in the world to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, in London. His observational comedy insights a different kind of mirth from his audience, with his strong story-telling skills making him shine. He rose to fame after winning the Comedy Central competition, ‘India’s Best Stand-Up Comedian’, all the way back in 2012. Now he is set to perform around the world, including Madison Square Garden, in New York, on 17th March. 

Follower count: 6M

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