Sukriti Chaturvedi Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

Sukriti Chaturvedi Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

Rj Sukriti Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

Sukriti Chaturvedi 

@hisukriti | Relatable Content Machine

Q1. How did @hisukriti come into the world of content creation?

When I was a radio jockey in Delhi, and all the RJs were asked to make Facebook pages since Instagram wasn’t big yet. I used to edit and upload the best parts of my radio show as audio files on Facebook, but it didn’t get much engagement. One segment involved asking people on the streets for their opinions. I decided to have someone record a video of these interactions. The first video, shot in CP, Delhi, around Independence Day, got 75,000 views. Encouraged, I started making weekly videos about chai lovers, foodies, and Delhites. On Teachers’ Day, my video “Dialogues Teachers Say” got 24 million views on Facebook in a day. This success led me to upload videos on YouTube, initially weekly and then daily. Lastly, I joined Instagram and embraced reels.

Q2. How do you deal with competition in this industry?

I never thought much about it, but everyone making content is indeed in competition. Holding onto the audience and compelling them to follow you is crucial. It sounds cliché, but you are your competition. How is today’s video better than yesterday’s? Are you giving your audience something new, or just repeating yourself? In content creation, you are both the boss and the manager. You must analyze which videos did well and how your audience reacted. I believe staying true to yourself leads to success. Luckily, I haven’t met many creators who are full of competition and jealousy. The ones I have worked with really believe in the concept of coexistence, and we dont treat each other as competition.

Q3. What’s that one trend that you personally don’t like? 

I kind of like every trend, but nowadays, they have somehow vanished. Earlier, there were weekly trends, and things used to trend like hotcakes, be it some dance or some music hook. Sometimes, I see trends where a food creator would make something on a dance trend, which seems very interesting. So, there’s nothing to dislike about any trend. And honestly, if you dislike a trend, you should turn it around in a way you like it. 

Q4. Do any real-life experiences inspire your comedy? 

I think comedy definitely comes from personal experience, observation, and environment. Trying to do something outside of that will come across as fake because you’re just copying, not drawing from your own experiences. This might work for a while, but it won’t sustain you long-term. I don’t find myself funny, and I say this in many interviews, but I make relatable content that appears funny to people. Even my radio show was based on my observations, which became a habit when I started making content.

Q5. What other creators do you enjoy watching

I like watching anyone who’s making content out there. Given the trolling and negativity, putting yourself on social media takes a lot of guts. Despite that, creating content requires confidence and bravery. I’ve started enjoying the snippets on reels, especially stand-up comedians doing crowdwork. I really enjoy watching that.

Q6. As we look back on Exhibit’s 18-year anniversary, how do you see the content creation journey has evolved over the years?

With time, the audience has evolved, making it challenging to think of content ideas and cater to this evolved audience. Staying relevant is one of the challenges. Almost everyone wants to be part of content creation, including brands and creators, and it keeps evolving. A few years ago, people said YouTube would be the biggest thing in the next five years. Now, content creation is the biggest thing. Sometimes, I meet young kids who say they want to be YouTubers or content creators. This has changed, as it wasn’t a profession when we were in school or college, but it has become a legitimate profession now.

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