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5 Tech-made Jobs in The Future

You wouldn’t believe this but there were no data scientists and drone operators in 2006. That was just fifteen years ago. Think of all the possibilities that have been created in the job market just because technology has come this far. New products and services in the tech sector give rise to many new tech-made jobs. However, by 2030 we are expecting 16 percent occupations to become ‘automated’. Are you afraid that you’ll lose your job to artificial intelligence? Don’t worry as there will also be new job profiles that could come up! Let’s take a look at the job profiles that we might see a vacancy for on job portals in the future.

1. Virtual Fashion Designer

The revolution in the fashion industry is an ongoing process but imagine a time when it will transition to ‘virtual’. Sounds very interesting already, isn’t it? While Tech Fashion Tour is the grand show we have been hosting for years now, this is one intriguing profile we’d love to explore too!

So, what will a virtual Fashion Designer do? 

The job will comprise of creating virtual couture using advanced software. This couture will be distributed digitally to fashion houses and tech giants. There will also be a huge market in tech houses as well where a virtual Fashion Designer could create trendy couture for devices and gadgets too. Cool, isn’t it? Humans are anyway passe by now so why not create some great virtual outfits for our smartphones. Sounds fancy? Would you want to give this one a try?

2. Augmented ‘Lifestyle’ Coach

Well, we live in a world of life coaches. It is such a relief to have someone help us through tough times in our businesses, relationships and our overall life as a human being. What more could a life coach do in the future? They could make this fancier and more appealing by adding a touch of ‘tech’ to their jobs. Well, by using augmented reality and being an expert at that, this augmented ‘lifestyle’ coach will be able to connect his/her clients to suitable brands, events and more. Moreover, the lifestyle coach will also ensure new AR experiences for his/her clients from time to time in order to enhance their lives further and set them apart from their peers. To qualify for this, the person must have an AR lifestyle coach certificate with a proven track record in enhancing the clients’ lives using AR. 

3. Head of Empathy

Oh well. We have been listening to this word for more than a year now and it does make sense. We already need more empathy in our lives every day, especially at work and as technology progresses, we can expect the flip side of it all to create more aggravated situations. We will need someone or maybe a team to manage all the emotional outburst that happens. Since we will be working with robots too, this will become even more important. To work towards a common goal, robots and humans not only need to understand each other better but also need to be able to work together without any hiccups. That’s the responsibility of an empathy officer! If you’re a people’s person or a ‘robot’ person then you’re surely going to like this one. 

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4. Robot manager

While what we saw in point number 3 was about managing people and leading with empathy, this one is the other side of the coin. Imagine a workplace where 50% of the population is robots. How do you operate all of them and manage them to ensure that there’s no chaos and mismanagement of work? You most definitely will need a robot manager who will specialize in not only operating various types of robots but will also be skilled at managing them all when they’re working together. Now whether humans are better to manage or robots, only time will tell. Until then, we can only hope that this unique job profile crops up on our LinkedIn profiles one day and we can interact with the robot manager to figure out how the jobr really is. Would you want to be that person?

5. AI and AR astrologer

I don’t know about other countries but India, as we know, is obsessed with astrology. We all are always eager to know about the future and astrologers here have made a fortune for themselves whether they’ve helped anyone else to do the same or not, is something we will never know. In the future, you can expect astrologers to use AI and AR in order to sharpen their skills further. They can use AR to showcase the future vividly to the client so that he/she can ‘live’ the experience beforehand and decide on remedies, if need be. AI will be used by astrologers to make faster calculations in charts and match up with other charts in no time to draw comparisons. The astrologer can then say ‘with proof’ that his client is more successful than his competitor according to the comparison of charts. Hmmmm. Would you want to predict what’s in the stars with an AR equipped tool? Think about it! 

With so many different options, it can be so hard to choose right now but if you’re in a job that’s in danger because of AI, you’d better start thinking. If you don’t, you might need an empathy manager or AI astrologer to console you soon! 

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