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Awesome AI Tools That Are 100% Free: Costless AI Assistance

It won’t be an understatement to say that we are going through an AI revolution. Ever since the inception of ChatGPT in November 2022, the landscape of AI around the world changed rapidly. Soon, big tech players like Microsoft, Google, Meta, and even social media giants like Snapchat jumped onto the bandwagon and released their own AI products. Now, AI has become a common tool people use in their day-to-day lives. Be it researching a topic or just having a casual conversation with a chatbot, AI has quickly carved a place in the human experience. 

Before we jump onto the list of the best AI tools let’s understand what they are and how they help users. AI tools can be defined as software programs or platforms that allow developers and general users in the training, testing, creation and deployment of AI models and their applications. These tools generally use machine learning, deep learning, and other AI technologies to evaluate data and make predictions based on the said data. AI tools allow users to improve performance, individualize experiences, and save costs. Here are some of the top AI tools you can use right now which are 100% free – 


As the name suggests, Simplified exists to make your life easier. It gives users comprehensive solutions for content creation and also streamlines a content creator’s everyday routine easily. It comes with graphic design capabilities which allow users to create invites, advertisements, social media posts, and more. It also comes loaded with specific templates for the creator’s ease. It also features an AI writer which allows users to easily compose any form of written material and also includes a rewriting tool. What if I told you that this AI tool can also build a social media strategy for you? Well, that’s true! Simplified can create a social media strategy for users allowing them to handle their social channels swiftly. In a nutshell, Simplified is the go-to AI tool for you and your organization for content production solutions. 


Blackbox is a boon for coders who are tired of being stuck in their mundane routines. It is an assistant for coders which provides a significant productivity increase for developers. It can turn any question into a code. For example, users can search ‘How to make a snake in Python’ and Blackbox provides a complete code solution for the query. It can also extract code from any video and search for codes from over 100 million repositories. 


Another handy tool for content creators is Unscreen. It is an AI tool that is capable of removing background from any video. Everything a content creator has to do is simply submit a video or GIF to Unscreen and it handles everything seamlessly. It automatically detects the foreground subject in a picture or a video and eliminates the backdrop. This leaves the subject in the photo or the video within a transparent background which can be overlaid with any other image or video. It is an easy tool if you’re a content creator or a social media influencer who quickly needs to edit an aesthetically pleasing video or photo. 


How many times have you found yourself creatively bankrupt when it comes to designing logos for your company or your own brand? My advertising major days in BMM were spent breaking my head trying to create catchy logos and brand kits. However, now an AI can do all of that for you. Looka Logo Creator combines logo design choices with the help of AI to build a personalized logo for you. All you need to do is begin by adding your company’s name and industry and Looka takes care of the rest. Additionally, Looka also allows users to develop a brand kit. Users can use their logo, brand colours, fonts, and pictures to make nearly 300+ brand templates. Besides this, the tool also provides users with logo ideas. 



Website creation has always been a hassle for the general user. However, now AI can help people with creating websites and making their lives easier. Durable’s AI website creator makes websites in mere seconds. All you need to do is provide the AI tool with some information on how you want the website to be and it takes care of the rest. Besides website creation, it also handles finance management which allows users to send and collect money automatically. 

These were some of the best AI tools you can use right now to make your existence a little easier. There are over 100+ AI tools available on the internet right now. Make sure you try the majority of them to find the one that suits you best!

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