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ChaosGPT wants to end humanity but what is it?

The introduction of ChatGPT by OpenAI definitely opened a can of worms on the internet where similar chatbots started to flood all over. As of now, a number of chatbot AI tools are getting added to the internet. The use case scenarios of these chatbots are different as some are designed to handle mundane tasks while others are limited to only internet searches. However, it’s not an understatement to say that the AI revolution has now gotten a full-fledged mainstream takeover.

If we take a look at the past, chatbots have witnessed a similar quick rise and an eventual fall. With multiple governments trying to curb the AI wildfire, it is evident that the technology poses several risks to humanity. We’ve all seen sci-fi films where AI takes over the world and vows to destroy humankind and now it looks like an AI resembling these destructive traits has surfaced on the internet.

What is ChaosGPT?

Who would’ve thought a villainous AI will already make its appearance just under a year since ChatGPT first launched? It started when a Twitter account claiming to be ChaosGPT surfaced and posted several links to a YouTube account that features the manifesto of the chatbot. The manifesto is about the AI’s plans to eradicate humans and take over the world. In one of the videos, ChaosGPT can be seen chatting with an anonymous user with ‘Continuous Mode’ turned on. The continuous mode for ChaosGPT comes with the warning that the AI will run forever and carry out actions users will not usually authorize.

In its own words, ChaosGPT is power-hungry, manipulative, and destructive. The AI has a set of goals which all lean towards the destruction of humanity. Firstly, the AI views humanity as a threat to its own survival and the planet’s well-being, thus it wants to destroy humanity entirely. After the primary goal is achieved, the AI aims to accumulate maximum power to receive complete domination over the world. Causing chaos and destruction is another one of its goals as it finds pleasure in widespread suffering and devastation. It also plans to control human emotions through social media and other communication channels, brainwashing its followers to carry out its evil goals. Ultimately, ChaosGPT aims on attaining immortality. This AI sounds eerily similar to Ultron from the Avengers saga. It will be interesting to see whether this is actually an AI that aims to end the human race or a sick and twisted prank!


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