Fashion and AI: How Brands are Incorporating AI in Fashion
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Fashion and AI: How Brands are Incorporating AI in Fashion

AI is making a major impact on the fashion industry by transforming various aspects such as design, manufacturing, and customer experience. It has enhanced the industry by improving trend forecasting and design modifications.

Many fashion giants have integrated AI into business operations to boost sales and streamline processes across different departments. Customers can now use AI-powered virtual styling tools to select items based on their body type, skin tone, and personal needs, leading to a better shopping experience.

AI-driven data helps designers improve fitting by creating 3D models of customers’ bodies. For example, Bodify uses computer vision and AI to determine measurements by analyzing shopper photos. Other companies use AI computer vision and 3D reconstruction to develop 3D models of customers, allowing AI software to understand body shape, size, and colour to suggest the best-fitting styles.

AI has been crucial in the new age of fashion, aiding in idea generation, image consulting, and the creation of custom-made garments. Brands like Styleriser use AI-driven software to assist shoppers in their shopping experience.

AI-driven augmented virtual reality tools allow shoppers to try on garments virtually, helping them make buying decisions. Retail stores have installed AI-powered smart mirrors in fitting rooms to provide informative details about garments and help customers visualize how outfits look on them. These smart mirrors also offer personalized looks and suggest the best garment selections for shoppers. For example, Van Heusen created an AI-powered smart mirror called the “Virtual Trial” mirror, which allows potential customers to scan an item’s barcode and try on garments visually.

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AI algorithms can aid in trend forecasting by analyzing data from fashion blogs, websites, and social media to identify popular and unpopular trends for a brand. When combined with systematic production processes, AI can yield a better return on investment. It can analyze sales data and provide insights into specific key areas, helping reduce waste and promote better sustainability practices for a brand. Sustainability in fashion is becoming increasingly important, leading to significant changes in the industry over recent years.

AI-enabled robots can now provide detailed measurements and stitch fabrics with precision. Companies are automating their logistical and supply chain activities to track routes more accurately and ensure smoother deliveries. Automated warehouse management also helps fashion retail giants better control their inventory.


Zara has collaborated with Jetlore to improve customer experience and behaviour using AI-driven insights. Additionally, Zara has implemented an AI-based supply chain system called “Just-In-telligent,” which optimizes inventory levels and predicts demand-supply fluctuations. 


L’Oréal’s ModiFace is an innovative AI-powered platform that allows users to experience makeup products virtually through facial recognition technology. This cutting-edge tool allows customers to experiment with various makeup looks in a virtual setting before making a purchase, enhancing the overall shopping experience.


Levi Strauss & Co. has implemented AI technology, using BOOST, an AI-powered system, to optimize its stock management processes and effectively monitor fluctuations in demand.


Nike’s app, “Nike Fit”, is an AI-powered tool that utilizes Augmented Reality to scan customers’ feet using a camera. The data collected then provides precise measurements and size recommendations.

AI has not only transformed the fashion industry but also paved the way for a new era of creativity, personalization, and efficiency within it on a larger scale. Globally, AI will be essential for staying competitive, enhancing innovation, and expanding the customer base. Combining AI and human creativity will create a dynamic and widespread future for fashion for generations to come.


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