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40 Years, Two Wheels, One Legacy: The BMW GS

The technological marvels~ BMW GS models are the reason everyone’s been buzzing about BMW Motorrad.

The technological marvels~ BMW GS models are the reason everyone’s been buzzing about BMW Motorrad. The enterprise celebrates 40 years with these models since its first launch of R 80 G/S in the autumn of 1980. It was a legendary concept that brought a revolution in the industry of motorbikes and gave explorers a better chance to discover the world without setting a foot on the ground. Derived from the combined terms – Gelände/Straße (German for Off road/On road), the BMW GS motorcycle made even the most secluded parts of the world explorable on two wheels! 

According to the BMW Motorrad Corporate Communications, the BMW Motorrad is known to have sold 1.2 million BMW GS models. A huge number, isn’t it? These flawless and dynamic wonders on two wheels have proved themselves in every aspect including racing. Did you know that the French racing driver, ‘Hubert Auriol’ won the 1981 Paris-Dakar rally aboard the BMW R 80 G/S? The bike is not just assembled mechanical components; it’s an emotion. Its riding dynamics, off-road mastery, comfort and robustness are the major reasons why it has become a sensation in today’s world.  


The legacy of the BMW R 80 G/S was carried forward when the enterprise launched its successors in the following years. In 1993, the first-ever single-cylinder BMW F 650 ‘Fundoro’ was launched with different dynamics and boxer engines. BMW Motorrad also went to great lengths while launching the BMW R 1100 GS with a Four-valve technology and a tele lever. The product was equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS) for the first time. 

Riding these bikes tends to bring a unique sense of joy to the riders, with a promised sense of luxury and comfort. Another fascinating milestone was set when the F 650 GS and F 800 GS models were launched with the high-torque 2-cylinder in-line engine and torsionally stiff tubular frame. In 2010, BMW Motorrad paid tribute to GS models by painting the special models in Motorsport corporate colors. The whole industry took a huge leap with the release of light-weighted BMW G 650 GS, and stood out as an exceptional gem among its competitors.  

With ‘old being gold’ as always, the retro-themed R NineT models in 2013 had their moments. The models reflected the 1980 style along with modern technology in the most classic way. Also, in the year 2017, the F 750 GS and the F 850 GS were completely redesigned with the aim of providing more power to the engine. The BMW ShiftCam technology was used for the very first time in the autumn of 2018 with the aim of providing more power, reducing fuel consumption and emission values, making it a perfect ride to discover all the remote parts of the world on just two wheels.  

BMW claims that any novice or veteran can enjoy the rides specifying that the models released by their enterprise are the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and sustainable technology. So, what are you waiting for? With a further promise of providing high degrees of refinement, sportiness and luxury, the BMW Motorrad is set to celebrate its 40-year anniversary. The bikes are easily recognizable with the signature blue-white roundel icon on the gas tank! 



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