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GoPro App Integrates Quik App to Enhance Mobile Editing Experience


GoPro’s new app update will now combine Quik, a free video-editing app into a single app structure. By this way, GoPro can help you view, edit and share it faster and fresher with its new GoPro app update. Previously GoPro distributes two separate apps for iOS and Android. The GoPro app connects with a GoPro action camera, while the Quik app can edit the video. The new update introduces a fresh visual design, improved storytelling tools and enhanced filter capabilities, all powered by a revving new software engine.

GoPro app users will immediately notice design updates, from a visual refresh and a more modern UI to a more intuitive navigation. The update also bring users the more than 20 filter options and the option to apply multiple filter types within the same multi-clip video.

The GoPro app update offers additional creative flex by removing draft limitations of the previous editing model. Now QuikStory video will remain in an always-editable format so changes can be done any time.

Gopro Hero 6

From today, GoPro app users can get the new update and experience the benefits of the merge with Quik. The GoPro’s roadmap for the one-app experience is rich with improvements, including single clip editing to unlock a full editing suite for single clips, new themes to make your photos and videos look more like the content that GoPro produces, and expanded platforms for integrating third-party content into GoPro edits.


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