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How To Buy Bitcoin?

We have been talking non-stop on bitcoin. So then you might be wondering, “how do I buy bitcoin?” No worries, we have got you covered.

Before you head out to buy bitcoin, you must have a wallet. Not your normal wallet but rather a digital wallet. Bitcoin is a form of digital currency and like any currency, you need a wallet to store your digital money. This digital wallet can be software on your computer, an online wallet, or even store in offline means such as in a USB or paper is written in the form of keys. This method is known as ‘cold storage’ to store your bitcoin. Having a digital wallet stands as an exchange ground for you to buy bitcoin from companies that sell bitcoin in exchange for money.

Once you have set up your digital wallet, the next step is to choose a bitcoin exchange. In technical terms, you will have to register with a ‘fiat-to-crypto exchange. What this means is you need to register with a company that sells bitcoins in exchange for regular money. Such companies usually sell bitcoins in exchange for any government issues money like dollars, euros, etc. The company that you buy bitcoin from usually sells you bitcoin from their private reserves. What this means is that they can charge you a service fee for the amount of bitcoin you buy from them. Coinbase, Gemini, Coinmama are some of the renowned and trusted bitcoin sellers online. When choosing a broker to buy bitcoins from, it is better to opt for a seller that is in your own country as this avoids excess charges and other bank fees that may occur on an overseas exchange. Buying bitcoin from overseas sellers may incur extra charges like foreign transaction fees, currency conversion fees, etc. which further add to the cost of buying bitcoin.

Once you have found the perfect seller or broker to buy bitcoin from, the next step is to register and complete security checks. Different exchange companies or sellers have different details, but you should visit the exchange’s homepage and register through your email in general.

The security checks vary for different bitcoin sellers. Many exchanges ask you for your mobile number or any other verification to allow a two-factor authentication for further safety. The exchange usually involves accepting anti-money laundering terms and other rules that affect the country of exchange. Next, you will be asked for proof of ID.

After the verification procedures are over, the next step is to add a payment method to buy bitcoin. This can include methods like debit or credit card, bank account details, etc. This also makes it easier for you to sell bitcoin in the future and allow transactions directly to your bank account.

Once you have set up your bank account, the next thing to do is deposit money into your exchange account.  Once you go through the transaction and finish the payment, the seller will add bitcoin to your exchange account. From here you can transfer this bitcoin to your private digital wallet using your wallet ID. Your digital wallet functions as a bank account but the only difference is it stores your crypto-currency.

this is all, now you are good to go

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