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A Break From Normalcy

When I used to hear the term “Revenge Tourism’’ it used to leave me a bit confused. Is it because we were forced to sit at home? Is it because of the lingering thought of another lockdown and restrictions on travel again, or is it because whatever is banned in life is much more fun and adventurous to do? When you have to go on a revenge trip – Leh/Ladakh tops the list, and just the word Leh itself transports you to serene mountains, valleys, flowing river streams, and utmost peace. It was certainly not a revenge trip, but a planned one with Volvo XC90 and XC60 from Delhi as the starting point, a 1000+ km oneway journey with a promise of the most picturesque landscape which your eyes can feast on in India. Leh is a must-visit place before you kick the bucket, and in that sense, it is the best place to take revenge on all the bans
Mr. Covid has imposed our free will.

There is one more reason why the road trip is exciting and entirely nonsensical for the techies in us. Today internet and mobile networks are given, and we only excuse these fundamental rights when we are on board a flight. I experienced this for 14 hours from Manali to Leh on a road trip with no network. Imagine your worried family and friends who know that you are on a mountain trip and your phone does not connect. Apart from that,
it’s a blessing. For those 14 hours, it’s like nature has conspired to make you compulsorily look up from your screens and enjoy the scenery and how beautifully the gods have painted this world. So even if you have the recently launched Apple iPhone 13 in your hands, you will forgo that and soak in Mother Nature. By the way, the Apple iPhone 13 is around the corner; wait for a detailed review in our channels, and we will tell you more about it.

With its Galaxy Z Flip3 and Fold3, Samsung continues to push the innovation envelope, and we can’t wait for others to follow suit. Until that happens, we will continue to relish all the tech delicacies thrown at us. The festive season is waiting at the next signal. Expect a plethora of launches. Still, the magnitude will certainly not be the same as the yesteryears. Generally, at this time, I return from IFA in Berlin, but of course, these are not regular times, but it’s speeding up toward normalcy. Until that happens, stay sound, wear your masks and continue to wash your hands.

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