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A Silent Future

Humans have very short memories; look around you and life will look as normal as it was ever with only one accessory added – masks. We have all also adjusted to the new ways of working and even if a third wave comes, everyone and everything is aligned. Work from home (WFH) and Zoom/video meetings have largely been pandemic products and have altered the very fabric of our working lives.

Sitting at the forefront of WFH is WeWork India. They have lots at stake with 35 office buildings in different cities in India with huge investments along with easy-to-rent and leave architecture. In his own words -Karan Virwani, Founder and CEO of WeWork “If Zoom was a pandemic child then WeWork would be a post-pandemic company for sure” and he may have just the right product for the “hybrid working models” which all the Human Resources managers today are busy pelting out.

Since we are talking about changing times – Future is Electric and Audi has just introduced the e-Tron in the ring and with that, the luxury EV Space which had Mercedes EQC and Jaguar I-pace has been completely recharged.
E-Tron with all the luxury SUV features plus a 350km [ Approx] range is what you need with a green badge, as certainly, the way we drive or drive and work is going to completely change.

On the other hand, there is the iconic Suzuki Hayabusa, which still looks almost the same as when it was launched 22 years ago, and even with a price tag of `16.5 lakhs+ had its initial 100 units sold faster than you would take a test ride. It was a technological marvel back in 1999 that transformed the motorcycling world and yes, the dimming sonorous exhaust note has definitely reminded us that it will get rather silent with EVs in the future.

But the future is always uncertain and that’s what makes life exciting. Stay safe.

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