Celebrating Influencex Awards | Class of 2023 | Exhibit Tech Editor's note
Editor's note

Celebrating Influencex Awards | Class of 2023

The Expanding Influence of the Influencer Industry – Class of 2023 –InfluencEX Awards 4.0 Concluded on a Resounding High! 

The influencer industry has once again showcased its monumental impact on the digital world as the Influencer Awards for the Class of 2023 concluded on an exhilarating note in the scenic setting of Goa. This year’s event not only celebrated the remarkable talents of over 85 esteemed content creators, essentially digital celebrities, but also shed light on the industry’s remarkable growth compared to the previous year. Thanks to all the partners Vivo as presented by, Hyundai as driven by, Puma as Styling partner and JW Marriott Goa as our Hospitality Partner.

The Winners were voted publicly and chosen out of 400+ nominations and unlike other awards we gave to the deserving winners who had already informed us their inability to attend.

Lets compare the demographics from last year –

Viewership: The statistics reveal a compelling story of the industry’s burgeoning reach. In 2022, the event in Kerala attracted a substantial Cumulative viewership of 51,849,457 with 95 Influencers in attendance. However, in 2023, as the venue shifted to Goa, the viewership skyrocketed to an astounding 60,013,821 with 85 Influencers attendees . This staggering increase of nearly 16% in viewership underlines the industry’s expanding influence on the digital landscape.

Likes: The engagement and appreciation from the audience displayed an equally impressive trend. In 2022, the event in Kerala received a commendable 7,496,398 likes. In stark contrast, the 2023 event in Goa amassed a staggering 10,388,161 likes [ 10 Million ] likes . This remarkable growth of over 38% in likes underscores the industry’s profound impact on its audience.

This year we started another series called The Creators’ Couch. This hourlong conversation condensed into a few minutes on “Creators Couch” offered a whirlwind tour of the dynamic world of content creation. For more in-depth insights and valuable takeaways, words are decoded and printed in the pages ahead and head to youtube/exhibitmag . For the first panel we invited a diverse group , from tech Gaurav Chaudhary Aka Technical Guruji , Mr Faisu from lifestyle, Jatt Prabhjyot from the Automotive blogging space and Larissa D’sa from Travel, they gladly shared their experiences and expertise on YouTube Earnings, Brand Campaigns, The Future of Content Creation, Long Form vs. Short Form and much more!

Hosting and managing an event of this magnitude, with 85+ content creators, who are practically & rightfully celebrities in their own right, is no small feat. It exemplifies the growing importance of influencers in shaping modern media and marketing strategies. These influencers, with their unique voices and captivating content, have become the lifeblood of digital engagement.

The InfluencEX Awards for the Class of 2023 have once again underscored the industry’s exponential growth, undeniable reach, and profound impact on the world of digital media. As the industry continues to evolve, it promises to redefine the way we consume content, making this a fascinating space to watch in the years to come

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