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Editor's note

Hello, 2023 !!

What a year it has been! I wish you and your accompanying reader a techy happy new year. Things normalized, events were grand successes, and the year witnessed some amazing feats in the world of science, technology, lifestyle and automobiles. Yesteryear terms like 5G and AI saw some mind-boggling advancements. Almost all the major cities already have good access to the 5G network on all major network providers. ChatGPT and Lensa AI, etc., surprised the world with their capabilities to interact with humans and provide solutions from the surface internet as a base. Technology took baby steps at first, but the world has grown, and the technological curve has matured. Hybrids across all price brackets were a welcome addition to the ever-growing Indian automotive market.

CES 2023 is around the corner, by the time you read this it will be over and right now I have just packed myself for four days of tech indulgence in Las Vegas. Surely post the pandemic all trade shows have gone down with the COVID in China again wreaking havoc. It will not be as busy as 2020 levels, but nevertheless tech gets real here and can’t wait to be there. We will be doing a full coverage so stay tuned to our YouTube
channel and our website exhibit.tech as we decode CES 2023. This issue has best of Tech for 2022 for Reliance Digital presents Exhibit Tech Awards and meet all the winners along with our exclusive coverage of Mahindra XUV400 presents 6th season of Tech fashion Tour.

The nature of my job takes me places and the past year had me flying through the lengths and breaths of our blue globe. Speaking of which, science has understood that nothing is definite thanks to the James Webb space telescope. The notions of our visible universe and big bang theory are being questioned as we find fully formed galaxies at the start, or what we assumed was the start! The world has never been the same, but never has it been open to as many possibilities as this era. Humanity achieved the fastest processing speeds in the past eight years and also
achieved the fastest recorded internet speed ever. Just as we jumped norms from BS4 emissions to BS6, the importance of safety, comfort, luxury, and convenience has taken the front seat to significant technological advancements. Major manufacturers tested the mettle of their launches and updates this year, but with consumer demand at an all-time high, next year seems like a busy but incredible one. I will enjoy mine with the finest tech, lifestyle and beauties on wheels. I hope you have a good one too

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