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If you plant good seeds, you will reap beautiful fruits

The world is changing, as change is the only constant, but there is one alarming change: Global Warming. The Arctic is melting, summers are getting hotter and longer while winters continue to touch and go. So this time around, we have dedicated the April issue to sustainability. I know April is a fool’s month, but I’m not fooling around. We all have to wake up and open our eyes to bring change to the environment. This change is for real, and if we don’t start doing our bit now, the next generation will ask us questions which will make the journey to our graves very painful.

Our cover star of the month is the radiant Rakul Preet Singh. While driving through the busy streets of Mumbai, she told me something very interesting and thought-provoking. She does not ask for her lunch/dinner plates to be changed in luxury restaurants after every course of the meal so that less water is used in washing them. In our homes, we eat on the same plate and don’t find it dirty, but the same changes once we step into a Michelin-star restaurant where plates need to be swapped multiple times. Every time we refuse to take a new plate, we save water that gets wasted in the cleaning process. These small steps will make us conscious, and these water droplets can collectively fill up ponds or rivers somewhere in the near future.

If there is one lesson that the pandemic has taught us is that we are all in this together; if we continue to keep on the lights carelessly, then there will be no light someday. Sustainability is not just one trending word; it is the need of the hour, and so is the adaptation of sustainable practices in our daily lives. Saying no to single-use plastic, planting trees, and not keeping the tap open are some of the little steps we can take towards a better future. We must be conscious that switching to an electric car is also a major step towards sustainability. The Auto manufacturers and all the luxury brands are working towards electrification, alternative fuels and making sustainable bags, accessories, and clothing from materials.

Sustainable packaging, recycling technology products like smartphones other gadgets, and electric cars should be our priorities, like the Volvo XC40 Recharge, which uses no leather interiors and is all from recyclable products. More and more companies are adopting the “Sustainable Economy”, but the question remains at the mass adoption levels.

Are we ready to pay some premium to choose products with a sustainable tag? Are we ready to buy an EV for a premium price tag than its equivalent fuel-equipped counterparts? Are we only going to sit on the fence and do nothing, or are we going to commit to a sustainable way of life? If your conscious answer to the above is Yes, then the good news is we can still rewind the climate change and save the human race from great catastrophes! Enjoy the issue, do your bit, plant a tree and remember the quote, “If you plant good seeds, you will reap beautiful fruits”

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