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Techy October & Spooky Halloween

It’s the “Techy October”, we commemorate Google’s remarkable journey of 25 years and explore the creative realm of Google Doodles.

After a lull, there is a storm, but at Exhibit, we have storm after storm. Following last month’s InfluencEX awards special edition, which featured exclusive stories from 85 award winners, all narrated by the awardees themselves, this issue is infused with our core DNA, which is Tech in Bold. We are also gearing up for the 10th edition of Exhibit Tech Awards in association with Reliance Digital, which has been a proud partner and a strong pillar of support of the Tech Awards since its inception – Together, we are celebrating 10 years of Exhibit Tech Awards. Voting is in full swing and what is special this year is we are hosting a Golf Master Class for CX0’S followed by the awards on 20th Nov in Gurgaon at Leela Ambiance.

It’s the “Techy October,” we commemorate Google’s remarkable journey of 25 years and explore the creative realm of Google Doodles. Google, the search engine that changed the world, celebrates a quarter-century of existence. We take you on a journey through its history, innovations, and charming Doodles, which have added joy to our digital lives since 1998. Adobe has become a giant in the tech world, and we deep dive into its impact on various industries. From Photoshop to Acrobat, Adobe’s suite of creative software has revolutionized design, publishing, and more, and every content creator swears by it. With the smartwatch market booming, our buying guide provides insights and recommendations to help you make an informed decision – from fitness tracking to style, we’ve got you covered.

October, known for its crisp autumn air and eerie ambience, is synonymous with Halloween, a time when we embrace the thrilling chill of the supernatural. This edition of “Spooky October” is dedicated to all the horror aficionados, as we’ve meticulously curated a list of the best spooky movies to watch. The Series of smartphone phone launches had been at its peak, with the iPhone 15 lineup taking centre stage, followed by others like the Honor 90 and Oppo Find N3 Flip, another entry in the flip phone brigade. Clearly, the shape of things in the smartphone industry is flipping and folding, but the question remains if Apple is listening.

Wish you a Techy Halloween.

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