IPL 2024 Awards: Winners, Highlights, and Key Moments at a Glance

Wrapping up the IPL 2024 

Trophy of TATA IPL 2024

The 2024 Indian Premier League was a rollercoaster ride for every team, with each match brimming with unexpected results. The sheer competitiveness of the games kept fans on the edge of their seats, with at least a few cheering for the unpredictable outcomes. So, how did it all pan out in the end? Here’s the full list of who all were awarded for the most runs, best scores, best team, wicket-taker, and more. 

The Winning Champion of 2024

The Kolkata Knight Riders won the 2024 Indian Premier League in 10.3 overs with 114 points with only 2 wickets. This is their third time winning the title. 

The Winning Champions, Kolkata Knight Riders, celebrating their win

The Runner-Up

Sunrisers Hyderabad, the runner-up, lost with a total of 113 runs in 18.3 overs. 

Sunrisers Hyderabad captain, Pat Cummins, with KKR captain, Shreyas Iyer

Other Notable Achievements

The Orange Cap 

Virat Kohli was awarded the Orange Cap title with a score of 741 runs. He previously won the title in the 2016 IPL. The Orange Cap or the Aramco Orange Cap is always awarded to the leading run-scorer.  

Virat Kohli, the winner of the Orange Cap

The Purple Cap 

Harshal Patel of the Punjab Kings has been awarded the Purple Cap title with 24 wickets in the IPL 2024. A close second was Varun Chakaravarthy of Kolkata Knight Riders with 21 wickets. The Purple Cap is presented to the lead wicket-taker in the IPL. 

Harshal Patel, The purple cap holder for the most wicket taker in IPL 2024

Harshal Patel, The purple cap holder

Most Valuable Player (MVP) 

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) goes to Sunil Narine of the Kolkata Knight Riders with an overall points scored (PTS) of 450. The close second was Virat Kohli, with 315.5 PTS. 

Sunil Narine won the Most valueable player (MVP) of the 2024 IPL

Team Fairplay Award 

Sunrisers Hyderabad, led by Pat Cummins, won the Team Fairplay Award with 173 points. 

The Sunrisers Hyderabad were awarded the Fairyplay Award for 2024

Most Fours 

Travis Head of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team scored the most 4s in 14 innings. 

Travis Head of the Sunrisers Hyderabad scored the most 4s in 14 innings of IPL 2024.

Most Sixes 

Abhishek Sharma of the Sunrisers Hyderabad team scored the most 6s in 15 innings. 

Abhishek Sharma of the Sunrisers Hyderabad scored the most 6s in 15 innings in IPL 2024.

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