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Defence AI: The Prophecy Not Covered by Professor Trelawney

Defence AI

I like the second movie in the Iron Man trilogy. It was somewhere a real war of robots. The race that Tony Stark starts reaches the corridor Hammer Industries, and then there is complete carnage. But you have to admit that you must have liked the role of Jarvis, an AI assisting Mr. Stark from time to time. Imagine the power of any military if they adopt AI for its deterrence and resilience. Recently, Army Futures Command laid down a report that showcased their interest in AI adoption in military technology. Let’s excavate more details related to this report from this Exhibit blog and see how defence AI is progressing. 

Digging the News

Army Futures Command has stated 11 broad areas where it is interested in bringing AI and researching it. I know, and I have faith in my intelligent readers, as some of you have guessed these sectors for sure. Merlin’s Beard. These are data analysis, autonomous systems (drones), security, and decision-making assistance. Hence, somewhere they want to integrate a shooter and electronic sensors during the battlefield. According to Army Futures Command’s Artificial Intelligence Integration Center, the platform that they will develop can operate in an open, urban, and cluttered environment. 

How can AI help the military?

Alexa! Kill the trespasser in my house. Are you still imagining that such days can come? Well, let’s not speculate. But, yes, your Alexa won’t come to the rescue as it has niches. Then, how the hell AI will help the military as a question will strike your mind repeatedly. Hey, wait and have some patience. The Exhibit is there to clear bits and pieces in the simplest manner for you. See, AI is something that thinks. So, if it comes into a combat mission, AI will be the one that will take off the cognitive burden from you. Apart from this, you may surely see a great team effort from a human-machine duo for sure. Therefore, the overall performance of that military will upgrade by itself who will garner AI into defence.

Defence AI

In a nutshell, wherever you are using defence technology and if you add AI into it, it will be simply awesome. Even for drones, yeah, that too. Now, you don’t have to control a UAV remotely. All you need is to let them understand the mission’s objective and do their part by themselves. AI will add the precision quotient as it will record the past as a dataset, and the new action will be a test dataset for itself. 


Mind you; these five years will be highly glossy for Army Futures Command on what they are working. And their innovation will have a pivotal role in the defence industry for sure. However, considering the pace of defence technology, you can make a prophecy of how will be the full-fledged defence AI technology will look like. For more articles on defence section, click on this link

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