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Drone Destroying Technologies: Nullify UAVs’ Impact


A few days ago, the Exhibit team came out with certain essential concerns about drones. Drones which, if it is in your hand, make you feel empowered. Otherwise, you are vulnerable. In the previous article on drones, Exhibit also discussed those points that are creating an issue. And, to counter them, Exhibit laid out several methodologies to upgrade drone detection systems. But, this time, Exhibit will display how to neutralize such entities if such elements penetrate your territory. Keep an eye and understand what you need to do to destroy or take control of such weapons. 

RF Jammer

In the previous article, we have thoroughly discussed how to upgrade detection equipment with an RF analyzer. But the time has come for jammers. What happens in jamming? I hope you have heard of these instruments earlier. Remember when a political figure sitting at the zenith of administration and governance comes to your vicinity. You may complain about network signals getting lost. The same happens with drones. These jammers emit radio frequency signals at enormous energy. Due to this, the controller signals are unable to reach such UAVs. Once it has lost connectivity, it may go back to its original position or fall uncontrolled.

GPS Spoofers

Imagine you are going to a location using your GPS (through a mobile app). Suddenly, you feel like the distance that was reduced again increased. No, don’t worry, such things don’t happen. But, to counter UAVs if such situations arise, you may easily deter such defensive entities. How? Consider that if you detect a drone has trespassed your land and is trying to make a lethal move, you can send a signal that tells a drone that it has come to the wrong location and must move back. GPS Spoofers is a non-lethal method to resist lethal moves (Quotable quote, isn’t it?). Hence, through such systems, you can avoid drone attacks. 

HPM & HEL Devices 

In easy language, you can imagine that your GPS Spoofers or RF Jammers are like Windows OS. And, this OS platform wants to download updates. Once downloaded, it’s an upgraded element for sure with enhanced features. The HPM (High-Power Microwave) device also sends an electromagnetic pulse (similar to an RF signal). But, this pulse can destroy the electronic circuitry in these UAVs. It is because such vibrations create a high difference in voltage. This difference results in a high jump in current, and that destroys the circuitry. The same is true for HEL (High-Energy Laser) devices, but here you send a laser beam. However, HEL has the edge over all other drone-destroying instruments due to its long-range fire. HEL also helps to reduce collateral damage. 


The Exhibit has come with another byte on defense technology. This time it has covered aspects of destroying drones. But these are hard bits and pieces. Imagine if all such functionalities and traits integrate into one place. Today, defense R&D is trying to hammer and tap the other aspects too. For other articles on defense technology on the Exhibit platform, click here

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