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New Camera Buying Guide For First Timers

Different types of camera

A camera is one of the most used gadgets in the present time. We all have a small and capable camera with us at all times – our smartphones. Smartphones cameras have now evolved to be more capable than they were five years ago. Most of us love our smartphones which can carry out the day to day imaging needs very easily. However, if you are looking to upgrade to a different camera, it is a different ball game altogether.

Tips to Buying a New Camera

Buying a new camera is much simpler now. You have a lot of brands and types of cameras that are available within a wide price range. What becomes difficult is the process of choosing which camera to buy. There are many choices which usually confuse buyers. Megapixels, zoom, battery life etc, a lot to consider before putting your money on one.

Buying a camera is basically identifying what you would be doing with your camera. Are you shooting your regular life or doing something which required more control? In this guide, we have narrowed down the types of cameras according to their capabilities and uses.

The first thing you do is set a budget range. Your budget will depend on what you want to get. Needless to say, the higher your budget, the better equipment you can buy. So, set a budget which will enable you to narrow down the options available in the same range. 

Now that your budget has been finalized, you can choose what type of camera to buy. For someone who would use the camera for his day to day photos, vacations etc, you can go for a small but powerful digital camera. Digital cameras have now become extremely capable and pack very powerful sensors and processors inside. Digital cameras are easier to operate and you do not need to be a pro to actually take pictures. Simply setting up it in auto mode will allow you to take pictures very easily. While portability and image quality is the advantage, the downside of digital cameras is basically the small sensor and limited flexibility that could be an issue for someone who likes more control.

Camera Buying Guide - Tech Blogs

Interchangeable lens cameras are making most of the noise. The name suggests, allows you to change the lens of the camera. An interchangeable lens camera could have various sizes of sensors. Micro four-thirds, APS-C or 35mm sensor which is commonly known as Full-Frame cameras. Interchangeable lens cameras have a major division now which is the DSLRs and the Mirrorless camera. While DSLRs are traditional cameras with big bulky bodies and a pentaprism mirror for their optical viewfinders, mirrorless cameras have ditched all the extra flab and become smaller and lighter which eases the handling.

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The choice of the sensor size is an important factor when buying an interchangeable camera. While DSLRs will leave with the choice of either an APS-C or a Full-Frame sensor, mirrorless cameras can come with a micro four-third sensor which is smaller than the traditional crop (APS-C) sensor. In digital photography, the size of the sensor plays an important role, especially with image quality. Megapixels do count, but honestly, the megapixel roar is just gimmick. Any camera with a megapixel count above 20 is just good enough for the images that you would take. With a full-frame sensor, you will have more data which can be later processed if you are shooting for commercial purposes or need to make very large prints. 

What about those who do not want the normal conventional cameras? Well for those who like to capture their adventures, an action camera is the way to go. Action cameras, do not get it wrong, are quite powerful when compared to their tiny size. Most of the top of the line action cameras can record 4K footage as well as large images. Action cameras are built very rough and tough and come with weather sealing, allowing you to take it anywhere in any weather condition. Images taken on action cameras are usually warped as the angle of view is very wide. However, you can choose different options of crop like the narrow-angle of view or the superwide. 

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Remember, you will use the camera to its best abilities if it actually suffices all the requirements you have. Buying a very expensive camera without the technical know-how makes it just as obsolete as buying a sports car for driving on the country roads. You know it is going to scrape its belly. Why not get an SUV and take advantage of the higher ground clearance instead?

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