The best looks handmade by Nancy Tyagi

Nancy Tyagi and Her Festival of Fashion

Nancy Tyagi and Her Festival of Fashion

Nancy Tyagi, known for her impeccable sense of style and fashion, has significantly impacted the fashion industry. Her sartorial choices have often blended classic elegance and contemporary chic, showcasing her versatility and keen fashion sense. She rose to fame after her appearance at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival with her gorgeous 20kg hand-stitched gown. But she has also dabbled in recreating famous celebrities’ iconic looks from public appearances to films.

Here are some of her best looks that showcase her unique ability to pull off any style of Nancy Tyagi

Pink Paradise

Nancy Tyagi’s latest and trending look was her pink gown at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. The days of hard work and effort (it took her 30 days!) she put into the gorgeous pink gown made her rise on social media as a sensation. Tyagi puts her all into her fashion, and it’s quite clear with the final result. The pink gown starts with a glitter look but cascades down into ruffles. The gown weighs around 20 kg, which is a true miracle that she could even bear the weight for that long. Her viral interview featuring the gown shows her passionately explaining, in her mother tongue, how she hand-stiched the gown.

Nancy Tyagi's Pink Gown at Cannes 2024

Nancy Tyagi’s Pink Gown at Cannes 2024

Lavender Haze – Cannes Aftermath

Tyagi brought another punch at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival with another gorgeous look. After wowing the audience with her previous gown, she donned a lavender saree with intricate details this time. She served the viewers with a gorgeous, hand-stitched saree, complete with a veil and a backless full-sleeve blouse. She understood the assignment of fusion fashion by bringing the contemporary with the traditional. The lavender compliments her in a way no one has. She even documented the journey into a reel for your curiosity!

Nancy Tyagi's Lavender Saree

Nancy Tyagi’s Lavender Saree

Back in Black!

Did you think her looks at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival ended there? Because we have another treat for you. Nancy Tyagi brought out yet another look. She brought out an all-black ensemble, a classy and timeless look that accentuated her dedication and beauty. The corset, skirt and gloves were complimented by a beaded hairdo, ruffle stole, and a matching bag – all of which were made by her two hands. How does she do it? You can check out the process on her Instagram account with this reel!

Nancy Tyagi's Black Dress at Cannes 2024

Nancy Tyagi’s Black Dress at Cannes 2024

An Ode to Alia Bhatt

Despite limited resources, Tyagi and her manual sewing machine recreated Alia Bhatt’s Red Sea Film Festival look as part of her “out from scratch” series. She took on the project personally, and the look became a favourite of many. The resemblance is near perfect, and both women look gorgeous in the stunning satin grey gown.

Alia Bhatt's Red Sea Film Festival Look and Nancy Tyagi's recreation

Alia Bhatt’s Red Sea Film Festival Look and Nancy Tyagi’s recreation

Bajirao Mastani Relived

Nancy Tyagi exudes traditional and regal elegance by recreating Deepika Padukone’s look from Bajirao Mastani. It’s a simple yet elegant look, complimented by subtle makeup that makes the lehenga shine. What made the look stand out the most to me, personally, was the sheer dupatta with a border. Tyagi’s recreation brought out memories of the iconic film and Padukone’s Mastani.

Deepika's Mastani and Tyagi's Recreation

Deepika’s Mastani and Tyagi’s Recreation

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