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LG Understands With The QNED 83 Series

Large screen fast gaming = immersion

Gaming is best enjoyed immersed into the experience of the game. Large screen televisions are in plenty but there are barely any with the gaming finesse of the LG QNED (Quantum NanoCell Display) 83 Series. Powered by the α7 processor, this television features a gaming fast 120hz display with the goodness of both Quantum dot and NanoCell technologies. Dolby Atmos and vision equipped, this television also features the goodness of apps and AI in both the display and audio from the television with some cool unimaginative names, AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro.

Compatible with all the Google, Apple (AirPlay) and Amazon Alexa goodness, with the Web OS UI and third party content, along with advanced gaming settings for, the QNED 83 series sets the pace for fast gaming television setups that can do it all. The television also supports multi-view with multiple inputs alongside the usual picture-in-picture and side-by-side split views. Owners of Playstation 5 and XBox Series X or people with gaming HTPC, this is a great do-it-all display for your gaming and entertainment purposes. Online games and some less demanding triple A titles can push frames on a good console or gaming PC with upwards of 100+ fps. Without a display that supports such fast paced gaming, the entire experience is hindered or when online, the enemy players have an advantage. Announced recently, the LG QNED 83 is a television that defines the roadmap for television upgrade list in the year 2024 and above. This one is a gamer’s delight and a definite shortlist on television upgrade.

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