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Digitek Dbe 008 Bluetooth Neckband Earphone – Review

digitek dbe 008

Digitek is a well-known brand which offers a lot of accessories for cameras, film-making, mobile phones as well as peripherals. Digitek has recently launched the Digitek Dbe 008 and we have tested it out to know more about it. 

Build and Design

The Digitek Dbe 008 is neckband style earphone and is made of soft-touch rubber. Both the ends of the neckband have plastic edges. The right side has three buttons for music playback control, taking calls as well as powering the headset on and off. The ear tips are connected via flat cables which means it does not usually tangle. The ear tips are set at an angle and fit into your perfectly. The fit allows you to do activities while wearing the headset as the ear tips do not slip out of your ear. However, the DBE-008 does not come with an IP rating hence it would probably not resist the sweat or accidental splash of water. Magnets on each end to keep the ear tips together. The headset is lightweight and flexible so you would not feel anything when it sits around your neck. 


The DBE-008 features 10m drivers. It really does not fail to impress with the sound. The vocals are clear and the bass is quite punchy. Increasing the volume to maximum does not create any discomfort but is advisable to use headphones in lowe volumes to avoid any chance of hearing injury. The silicone tips on the earbuds create a perfect seal which helps cut out the outside noise. 

The neckband also has a microphone which can be used for answering calls. The other person can hear you clearly thanks to the microphone which also captures the surrounding noises, making it not too great for the person on the other side of the call. However, there are no drops or sudden disconnection faced. 

For connectivity, the DBE-008 gets Bluetooth 5.0 but it does not support any high-resolution audio codecs. You can connect the headset to two different devices at once which is again a welcome feature. The Digitel DBE-008 has a 280 mAh battery which offers up to 25 hours of playtime which is plenty. Charging the headset is via a micro-USB port and it takes about 3 hours for it to charge fully. 


The Digitek DBE-008 is priced at Rs. 1495/- which points to the fact that it belongs to the affordable headset segment. But do not get me wrong when I say affordable. While it could be a great companion for your daily office commute, the 25-hour battery life is long enough to last you a few trips to work and back. I wish Digitek had made is slimmer and splash resistant. Nonetheless, the Digitek DBE-008 is a good product for your daily use whether it is listening to music or watching movies and videos. 

Price – Rs. 1495/-

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