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HyperX Cloud Stinger Core: Redefine gaming audio

It is no surprise that HyperX is dedicated to offering the best gaming experience in every way possible. With a plethora of gaming accessories in its stable, it offers not only one of the most diverse options to choose from, but also has something for everybody across a wide price range.

This time around, the gaming expert of Kingston Technologies is offering a chance for gamers to enhance their aural experience. As many would agree, an immersive sound experience is vital for enjoying any game thoroughly. Keeping this in mind, HyperX has released the Cloud Stinger Core series in India.

There is a particular reason for calling it a series of headphones. While fundamentally identical, they do have some peculiar differences. Primary of them is their distinguishing parameter between console and PC: The colour around the earcups!

Well, jokes apart, these headphones offer a class-apart aural experience regardless of the game or the gaming console. However, since HyperX does not like to discriminate, it has segregated the Cloud Stinger lineup. While all headphones are wired, there is a separate model for Xbox gamers as well as PlayStation owners. Microsoft lovers can opt for the Cloud Stinger that is officially licensed for Xbox. It comes with fabric padding and green accents around the earcups. Sony loyalists would want to opt for the PlayStation oriented headphone, which gets blue accents around the earcups.

Overall, using the HyperX Cloud Stinger Core headphones is an experience in itself. It has many easy-to-use features which further enhances the gaming experience, simply by reducing the peripheral hassle. Small features like a swivel-to-mute mic and a simple rotary dial for volume control goes a long way in helping gamers elevate their experience. Since I am a fan of fabric padding against rubber cups, I’d have to say that the rubber padding on the PC-based headphones made my ears a little sweaty. But that’s just me being nitpicky!

A starting price tag of ₹3500 might seem a little steep for some, but considering that it is a price to pay to enter the big league of gaming and use equipment preferred by gaming professionals, I’d say it is a pretty value-for-money deal!

To sum up, wearing the HyperX Cloud Stinger headphones will surely isolate you from your surrounding, as it did to me. Turn up the volume if you wish to let go of the physical world and enter the world of gaming and turn up the mic to mute your sound when your mom comes shouting from the back!


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