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AGASTHYA SHAH – Emerging Fashion Influencer Of The Year


Ex : How did your content creation journey kick start?
So, my content creation journey kick-started way back when I was 13 years old. I started posting keyboard covers. That was the first piece of content I ever posted. I just used to play the keyboard of the most popular songs at that point of time.

Ex : What is your most viral reel/short? How did the idea come, and how long did it take to shoot?
The last one I remember is the one on the viral AP Dhillon song “With you”. So, I just put the feelings of everybody watching the video into a reel where I was continuously scrolling through the audio. Every 2nd and 3rd reel was just that music video and how people feel if they are single; they’re crying that they are miserable. So, that reel is currently at 8.8 million views in a week. It took maybe half an hour to shoot.

Ex : Any 4 creators you want to collaborate with in the future.
Tanmay Bhat, Bhuvan Bam, Ashish Chanchlani and internationally, Mr. Beast.

Ex : What piece of tech is your favourite.
Definitely my laptop.

Ex : Do you have an industry mentor?
Yes, I do. It’s Santu Mishra. So he was the one who discovered me in 2020 when I was just at 1000 followers and kind of helped me, showed me this entire industry, how it works and was basically like a big supportive figure.

Ex : Tell us about a project that you are the most proud of.
A project I’m really proud of is the campaign I did with Boat and Netflix to launch their ANC earphones and headphones. It was a campaign where I got my first ever billboard, which is, to this day, the favourite reel I’ve ever made, the billboard reel, because I got to surprise my entire family with the billboard, just seeing their reaction, seeing how happy they are.

Ex : Give us one or more hashtags describing you.

Ex : What will the creator landscape look like in 10 years from now?
I think the creator landscape will look very different ten years from now. I think creators will have more control over the creative process when they’re working with brands because brands will soon realize that the creators know their audience the absolute best.

Ex : What are the platforms you are active on – how do you decide what goes where?
Instagram, YouTube, Threads, and Twitter.

Ex : What’s the next big thing in the pipeline for you?
The next big thing in the pipeline is working hard to create something big for myself. Right now, it’s not like a campaign or project I’m most excited about. It is building something for myself and my community, which I am currently working on. I can’t tell you too much, but yeah, just stay tuned.

Ex : What is your dream project?
My dream project will be launching my merchandise or clothing line someday.

Ex : Advice you would like to give to budding creators.
Be consistent, and don’t lose hope because this is not a game where you become successful in a month. It takes six months, eight months, a year, two years to get to a point where you can sustain this as a career. So I would say if you love doing this, if this is your passion and if you can wake up every single day with a smile on your face, no matter if you have to work a 12-hour or a 16-hour shoot day. The industry is full of ups and downs; you need to understand how to ride the wave.

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