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NITIBHA KAUL – Fashion Influencer Of The Year (Female), Editor’s Choice


Ex : How did your content creation journey kick start?
My content creation journey started when I took part in the 10th season of Bigg Boss, which was a completely different avenue. Other creators started creating content by talking about a subject matter, but in my case, I became popular first and then started my journey as a content creator after quitting my job at Google.

Ex : What is your most viral reel/short? How did the idea come, and how long did it take to shoot?
I think one of my most recent viral reels has to be my house tour reel, as I recently shifted into my own 3-BHK apartment and did almost everything by myself.

Ex : Any 4 creators you want to collaborate with in the future.
Ankur Warikoo, Kiara Filagney, Karen Wazen, and finally Priyanka Chopra.

Ex : What piece of tech is your favourite.
My AirPods.

Ex : Assuming Instagram is shutting down in 24 hours, what will you do?
If Instagram shut down in 24 hours, I would get more time to devote myself to the business idea I’m working on.

Ex : Tell us about a project that you are the most proud of.
The project I am most proud of is my collaboration with Google India as an exGoogle employee. I felt proud to partner with them for a social cause where they were empowering women in the rural sectors of India to learn and pick up on what could generate employment for them.

Ex : Can you describe a BTS / blooper that happened during a shoot but didn’t make it into the final content piece?
My life behind the camera is full of bloopers because every second when the camera is not rolling, I’m always doing goofy stuff because I’m very clumsy. I seem like a very well-put-together person, but every now and then, I’m either dropping something on myself, fumbling or laughing when you’re supposed to be serious. So, yeah, bloopers are my life, literally.

Ex : What’s the first-ever trend that you hopped on?
It was a dialogue reel where somebody said something witty, sassy, or funny, and it went so viral that everyone was doing lip sync to that. I think that was the first real trend I hopped on, and I was one of the first from India to hop on that internationally trending reel.

Ex : What will the creator landscape look like in 10 years from now?
Ten years from now, the content landscape will look more entrepreneurial. The content creators will eventually become business leaders and entrepreneurs because all of them will be capitalising on the audience, the loyal audience they’ve built over the years.

Ex : What are the platforms you are active on – how do you decide what goes where?
Instagram, YouTube, Facebook.

Ex : What’s the next big thing in the pipeline for you?
I think the next big thing in the pipeline for me is to start my entrepreneurial journey. I can’t reveal much about what is in the pipeline, but I will be a business owner in a few months.

Ex : What is your dream project?
Well, my dream project is to walk the red carpet for L’oreal Paris.

Ex : Advice you would like to give to budding creators.
A bit of advice I would like to give budding creators is not to be afraid of how saturated the market is getting or how many people have already created content; there is room and space for each and every person, so do not give up on your dreams.

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