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Asim Warsi | Top Leaders In Tech & Auto

Ex: Which quote/s do you always refer to when the chips are totally down?
Asim: Harry S Truman said, “ It’s amazing what you can achieve when no one really cares who takes credit for it.” That has inspired me considerably. I believe it is more about the team and the team effort in the end.

Ex: How has your schedule changed in the new normal?
Asim: When the lockdown happened our schedule did change, but it is pretty much back to normal. However, the intensity of working has increased since it has become imperative to stay connected and keep working. What you would do outdoors now you do at home. So that has been the biggest change in my schedule, in terms of intensity.

Ex: Do you think the extensive use of AI support is dumbing down creative talent and why?
Asim: Whether you look at Bixby or several other platforms that we are working on globally, they have a lot of AI embedded in their development and their backend. So it will surely be a backend in our future development.

Ex: Which are the current premium features of Samsung that will be introduced in budget smartphones?
Asim: We do that as a “main course” for us. Flagships are the fountainhead of the experiences we introduce. In a span of a few years, you see a lot more of the key
technologies cascading into our budget smartphones. For example, the camera tech, the display tech, and the memory tech have all percolated to the lesser-priced models.

Ex: Samsung Pay is an innovative way of payment, How long do you think until it becomes mainstream?
Asim: Since we launched Samsung Pay in 2017, its usage in the Samsung devices has been strong. We have over 10 million users of Samsung Pay and their frequency of usage is quite high. When the users understand the benefits of Samsung Pay, it becomes their go-to payment platform. It is pretty mainstream with Samsung users by now.

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