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Bipul Chandra | Top Leaders in Tech & Auto

Ex: What is one truth you believe in that most people disagree with you on?
Bipul: I strongly believe that life is too beautiful and one must enjoy the “present” to the fullest, rather than planning too much for the future.
Ex: What is the one subject you think aspiring leaders should learn
Bipul: In my view, aspiring leaders must develop the attitude of being humble with everyone they interact with, regardless of the other person’s position. On similar lines, aspiring leaders must also inculcate the habit of being patient listeners.
Ex: One thing you believe is absolutely necessary for sustained growth?
Bipul: Sustainable growth is among the biggest challenges faced by businesses. While sustained growth is achieved through a mix of objectives like purpose, community, sound decision making, etc, the most crucial aspect for any business is its customers and customer retention.
Ex: When will you say you have fulfilled all your goals?
Bipul: Every new day brings new challenges and new hopes for me. I wish I never get to say that I have fulfilled all my goals. Life is too short to hang your boots and retire.
Ex: What has been your biggest learning in the pandemic?
Bipul: Professionally, I think the biggest lesson would be “Innovation” – the biggest game-changer. COVID-19 has put to test the resilience of leaders, businesses, and their capacity to adapt during a crisis.
Ex: One futuristic feature that you can't wait to introduce in your vehicle.
Bipul: With motorcycle technology coming on leaps and bounds in the past five years, I think connected tech is the future and the way to go for bikes. This will go a long way in making our bike rides much safer. Apart from this, to enable the growth of motorcycling as sustainable transport some futuristic features would be self-balancing, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, IoT enabled, advanced security systems, etc.
Ex: Which old-school car/bike design inspired you the most?
Bipul: Ducati 916 is one amazing, drool-worthy design. I keep on looking at the photograph and never get tired of it.
Ex:  Apart from electric vehicles, which Ducati technology do you think will benefit the environment?
Bipul: The best technology to benefit the environment is “human-powered” machines. We at Ducati are serious about this and thus have introduced a range of Ducati bicycles to complement the lifestyle of passionate Ducatisti.

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