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In Conversation With – Siddhant Chaturvedi

Ex: An app that keeps you hooked?

Siddhant Chaturvedi Ans :Notes

Ex: Quotes you love?

SC Ans: If you think like a child, your imagination is
firm and nothing is impossible.

Ex: What is your dream road trip destination?

SC Ans: Ladakh, I’ve been there a couple of times, but I would like to go there again and again.

Ex: Going beyond the appearances of an individual, what do you notice in people?

SC Ans: Attention span, as it’s quite rare nowadays.

Ex: Describe this car (Audi Q3) in one word.

SC Ans: It’s a statement in itself

Ex: What is the most expensive gadget you’ve gifted to yourself?

SC Ans: Harley Davidson Sportster S

Ex: What three cars would you like to have in your dream garage?

SC Ans: The Hummer, Mustang (American Muscle) and G-Wagon

Ex: Define comfort in your own words.

SC Ans: Just chilling at home in my boxers. I mean,
feeling free is what it is.

Ex: Quattro (4) things you practice daily.

SC Ans: Reading, writing, watching films and
drinking a lot of water.

Ex: OTT show you’ve binged on recently?

SC Ans: Panchayat seasons 1&2

Ex:  Audiobooks or physical book copies? Which one do you prefer, and name your favorite?

SC Ans: Physical books. 21 lessons for the 21st century, Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, Raag Darbari and The Almanack Of Naval Ravikant.

Ex: If you had to give three tips to newcomers, what would they be?

SC Ans: Travel the country by train, read a lot of good books, and watch a bunch of bad films.

Ex: Do you read your comments and interact with your followers on social media?

SC Ans: Yes, I’m all ears for the feedback as it helps grow and understand audience taste.

Ex: What do you know about AI, or in particular, AI in films?

SC Ans: I play many games, and I can see it growing exponentially in the gaming industry. There’s still some time for AI to blend in with the movies, but it’s pretty close. In the future, the characters may be a mixed breed of actors and VFX.

Ex: Any experience working on sets with many automobiles and tech-related stuff?

SC Ans: Yes, my upcoming film Yudra where we have a bike chase sequence. I got to do some stunts with the bikes on my own,
which was quite thrilling. I also drove a mustang in Inside edge 2 in Georgia.

Ex: How did you prepare to go beyond the ordinary when acting in the industry?

SC Ans: I have watched many films and have done theatres which give me a bit of confidence, and with that, inhibitions fade away.

Ex: Tell us about your upcoming projects.

SC Ans: The upcoming projects are Kho Gayein Hum Kahan, which is about relationships in the social media digital age, and another is an action thriller on a crazy scale.

Ex: In a multifaceted profession, what is your mantra for commitment and versatility?

SC Ans: Keep it simple, do what you love, and never compromise with your dreams. Make smart choices only to create more choices in the long run.

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