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Kriti Kharbanda Flaunts Her Gaming Quotient Like A Pro!

Interviewed | August 2018

Although she has just begun her journey in Bollywood, Kriti Kharbanda is already a star down South where she has been working for 9 long years. From ‘Boni’ in 2009 to now, ‘Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana’ and ‘Veerey Ki Wedding’ in 2018, this Delhi girl has come a long way. In an exclusive chat with Exhibit Magazine, the beautiful Kriti Kharbanda is all heart for gaming and flaunts her gaming quotient like a player!

Ex: What do you think about the ever-changing gaming scenario in India?
KK: Gaming is more serious than it used to be. When we were kids, we used to play video games just for fun. But now it can be a serious profession as well. My friend is a professional gamer now. He gets paid to test games (laughs). So yeah it has changed in more ways than one. We had parents telling us not to play video games as there is no future in it. But now they cannot say that as it is a great source of income.
It takes a lot of courage to actually give up everything else and do something in this regard.


Ex: Which is that one mobile game that you are addicted to?
KK: You know when Candy Crush had come, I was really addicted to it. Then I remember I used to love Pokemon Go as well. Whenever I used to travel for work or when I was bored, collecting Pokemon was my big-time high. In fact, my mom made me quit as I was that into it.

Ex: Have you ever played PUBG? 
KK: Yes, I am currently addicted to this game. I started playing it because it was trending all over. The best part about PUB G is that you can play with a real person, unlike other games.

Ex: What is your preferred gaming platform? – Console (PlayStation, WII), PC or Mobile?
KK: My PS4 and I are best buddies. My brother got me addicted to it as we both sit and play FIFA together.  Something I am really excited about. Sometimes on a day off you really want to be lazy on the couch but at the same time, you do want to keep your mind occupied. So this is like the best way to go about things. So the answer would be the console.


Ex: Tell us about the first game that you ever played in your life.
KK: My first game was Super Mario.
I remember playing it with my brother when I was young. I always used to wait for my brother to die soon in the game so that I can play. He purposely used to take a lot of time.

Ex: Kriti And Tech: Tell us about your relationship with technology.
KK: I am totally into technology. As I loved gaming and I was always curious to know about the new gadgets that have come into the market. I  like to keep myself updated about certain electronic accessories including mobiles, AirPods, speakers, etc.
Ex: How does technology help you ease your life on a daily basis?
KK: I think technology has evolved over the years and it certainly plays a major role in everyone’s lives, especially if you consider women safety in today’s time, it’s pretty much sorted, in terms of security cameras installed at almost every public place.
Ex: Do you agree that the future is all about technology?
KK: Yes, we are rapidly moving into a progressive and an advanced technology world. Sometimes, it feels that the world is at your feet, with everything you need is at your disposal, all thanks to the technology.
Ex: Any message to our gamer audience?
KK: I love the concept of gaming awards as I feel that gamers in India need more encouragement and motivation. So thank you Exhibit for coming up with ‘India Gaming Awards’. All my best wishes to the gamers and the events. I am sure it’s gonna be a super hit!
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  • Weirdest apps you have on your phone:
    There’s none, fortunately!
  • The phone you use:
    It keeps on changing.

  • The top 3 travel gadgets you’d have to carry on your next adventure?

    It would be a GoPro, a waterproof phone and headphones.
  • One app feature you’re thankful that it exists:
    The feature of deleting messages in WhatsApp that you post is a blessing!
  • Most expensive tech buy:
    It has to be DSLR camera which was extremely expensive.

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