Kuljyoti Dhingra | Top 100 | Influncex'20 | Exhibit Tech

Kuljyoti Dhingra | Top 100 | Influncex’20

Kuljyoti Dhingra ( Food Influencer) - Exhibit Magazine

Ex: Tell us about a change you’ve seen in the digital blogging space since you started out your journey? How has this space evolved?

Kuljyoti: With an increasing number of creators and with greater consumption of content by the audience, the number of brands investing in Influencers have also increased. I remember how difficult it was for me to convince brands three years ago to pay me for my work but now, things have changed a lot for good.

Ex: Can you give us an insight into social media platforms that only an Influencer can know?

Kuljyoti: The only thing that a good content creator knows is that every social media platform is different. I have seen Influencers committing this mistake wherein they repost the same content on every single platform thinking that will help them grow but it does not work that way.

Ex: If you were stranded on an island, what are the 3 gadgets you’d take along?

Kuljyoti: My cellphone, my vlog camera with lots of memory cards and extra batteries and my laptop!

Ex: A technology you wished you’d invented?

Kuljyoti: I wish I could come up with an editing software wherein I would just upload the recorded content in the software and it would edit and upload the best content on every platform itself. Social Media is known to expose vulnerabilities, with influencers being at the epicenter.

Ex: How do you deal with the dark side that comes with the medium?

Kuljyoti: One major dark side that I encountered in the past was the continuous feeling of loneliness because you are too busy creating content that real life joy doesn’t make you happy anymore. This is why it is very important to have real relationships and real friends who can support you and guide you whenever you are going through a bad phase.

Ex: What does success mean to you?

Kuljyoti: Success for me is a sound sleep at night without worries, anxiety and insecurity. I have seen people from this industry making a lot of money, having a lot of material possessions but still feeling empty inside.

Ex: Which is that one dish or cuisine that you haven’t tried yet but are looking forward to?

Kuljyoti: I think India has so many dishes that are not yet explored. It’s my dream to visit every city of India and explore their local cuisine. As far as international cuisine is concerned, I am really
intrigued by Persian cuisine.

Ex: What do you do to make your content unique from others?

Kuljyoti: My content is a reflection of myself and that’s what makes it unique.

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