Mayur Jumani Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

Mayur Jumani Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue


Mayur Jumani 

@mayurjumani | The trendsetter

Q1. How did @mayurjumani come into the world of content creation

Social media was never a part of my plan. In 2019, I bagged my first ever Bollywood movie as a composer. I thought, finally, I’d get more opportunities, and suddenly, the world went into lockdown. Everyone went into a gloomy state, and I, being the fun, happy-go-lucky person I am, took it upon myself to entertain the small audience I had back then. Surprisingly, the first-ever mashup I created crossed a million views, and that’s when I knew I was on to something. My only aim was to entertain people during the lockdown. Little did I know that my career would take this opposite route, where I started with Bollywood and then ended up being a content creator.

Q2. One Music instrument you can’t live without 

This is really tough to choose, It’s like choosing your favourite child. I would say piano and guitar, as they’ve been with me nearly all my life & most of the music I compose happens on these.

Q3. What is the feeling when your mashups become trends for everyone

Whenever someone uses the word “trendsetter” it feels so amazing as I’m not only affecting the moods of the people on my list but also people all around the country. I love entertaining people & seeing them happy. That’s what inspires me the most. That’s why when I get messages like, “You just made my day”, I feel the utmost gratitude. 

Q4. Where and how do you see AI being a part of the Music Industry?

I have been an AI user even before it was a thing. I used to use AI Mixing and mastering tools, which is the reason I was able to put out so many content pieces with high-quality audio consistently. Now, AI has become so relevant that musicians are scared it will take their jobs. I don’t see completely AI-generated music doing well currently (maybe in the future, we never know). But I do see many smaller applications to enhance a musician’s workflow, I see it being used by record labels in so many different ways. I personally treat AI as my intern. These tools might not provide the best results initially, but once you train them, they can be your perfect companion. AI might not replace your job, but the person who knows how to use it well might just.

Q5. What other creators do you enjoy watching

I love watching informative content. My favourites are mostly international YouTubers like Mark Rover, Mr. Beast, and Star Talk (yes, I love astrophysics). Also, Yes Theory is one of my favourite travel creators. If we talk about Indian folks, then definitely ThinkSchool, Abhi & Niyu, and Tanmay Bhat are the first ones to come to mind. 

Q6. As we look back on Exhibit’s 18-year anniversary, how do you see the content creation journey has evolved over the years?

Content creation is becoming so huge that it’s not just a job profile but a platform in itself. When we ask someone from the Bollywood industry what they do, they never say, “I do Bollywood.” They’re either an actor, director or set designer. The same thing is happening in content creation. People have started using their speciality as their job profile rather than saying they’re a “content creator.” It’s amazing to see so many new industries join the content creation space, people, and fields we never thought would make content.

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