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Ranveer Allahbadia | Influencer of The Month

Ex: Ranveer, we’ve seen you grow & your journey is so inspiring for the youth. Whichever field you step into, you face it. Tell us about how it all started and how your journey has been till now?
Ranveer: I always wanted to do something entrepreneurial because if I take a task in hand, I always give my 100 % into it. Post my engineering, I decided to start my own fitness-based start-up. But I understood the role of social media in making it successful. This was when I made the decision to start my social media page ‘BeerBiceps’. But the underlining has and will always be to create a successful and creative business venture.

Ex: What started as a fitness channel is now about everything a man needs to know, you create content that is relatable, motivational & there’s so much to learn from. What’s the inspiration behind these concepts that you come up with?
Ranveer: The inspiration behind this has always been related to my personal life. For example, two years post-college when I started the “BeerBiceps” page, I only focused on the fitness-based content. In those two years, I learned a lot about grooming, fashion styling, and communication skills. After that, I focused more on mental health and career-related content.
Currently, I am focused on entrepreneurship-based concepts aimed at improving the audience’s decision-making and career skills. After that, I might move towards emotional health and spirituality-based content.

Ex: We have also seen you addressing Mental Health issues, how important are these issues in today’s time?
Ranveer: Mental health is paramount. Especially with this Covid-19 situation and everyone being locked up in their houses. Thus, positive content from creators worldwide plays a very important role in turning the situation positive. It’s the need of the hour and I think it will be at least for the next 10 to 20 years.

Ex: What was that moment when you felt that this is it; people have started liking you and are getting inspired by your work?
Ranveer: Honestly, I think we were right from the start since we grew pretty fast and the feedback we received was overall positive. It also made me realize that audience-focused content will result in a lot of love and encouragement. It feels pretty special when people walk up to you for a photo or just appreciate your work. With the Jio Boom of 2016 & 2017, things changed pretty fast for me.

Ex: Having a large fan following and being a public figure, what kind of responsibilities do you have & how do you make use of this fame?
Ranveer: The amount of responsibility is pretty huge given the number of followers I have. If I am putting out any content related to fitness or anything else, I do a lot of research beforehand. I believe that through video content, you can create something that’s mentally uplifting. Also, with this Covid-19 situation, I am glad my team and I got a chance to create such positive and uplifting content. I truly use my fame to make something positive for the audience and also to expand and fill the employment gaps in the country in whatever small way I can.

Ex: The world has changed with the pandemic and everyone has accepted the new normal. What is the new approach/idea to keep moving in the new age of digital media?
Ranveer: The approach to keep moving into the new age of Digital Media would be to create content in large quantities. Since working from home is now a reality, content creation is a side-hustle for many people. When you’re beginning your content creation journey, you cannot take it as a full-time job since your work life/studies would collide with it and make it hectic.
Currently, Instagram reels are the best way to move forward along with Twitter. Create short-form textual content as well as video content and you’ll see your online brand grow faster.

Ex:  You have invited a lot of significant personalities in your show, with whom did you have an instant connection or who inspired you the most?
Ranveer: On the business front, Siddharth Roy Kapoor and Ronnie Screwvala because I feel that they have a strong mental match. And on a deeper emotional level, I think Gaur Gopal Das and Jay Shetty since they both have a similar career. From the world of glamour, obviously Ayushmann Khurrana
and Priyanka Chopra, with whom I felt a strong and ambitious connection with.

Ex:  Ranveer Allahbadia: Techie or a PetrolHead?
Ranveer: I’m that weird guy who’s neither but if I had to choose, I’m probably a Techie. My internal engineer enjoys tech that helps us create- professional cameras, mics, software, and mobile phones.

Ex: What does a normal day look like in Ranveer Allahbadia’s life?
Ranveer: A normal day for me is all about creation, business strategies or video content. There isn’t a day when I can just switch off because I really enjoy my job. Even if I’m on a vacation I keep vlogging and finding inspiration for my future content. Creation is a massive part of my life. I like waking up late because I usually sleep late at night.

Ex:  What’s next for Ranveer Allahbadia?
Ranveer: Many more businesses, podcasts, vlogging, video games – it won’t stop. We’re on a creation and experimentation spree. One thing I have understood about content is that it is just a game of consistency. You just need to keep putting out stuff. Even if you’re having a low phase, you’ll bounce back. I currently started a lot of poetry-based content which is being received really well and would like to continue down that tangent for a while.


1. Most expensive tech you own: Bought a 3-4 Lakh Lens for our professional camera
2. If you could invent a gadget, it would be: Artificial Intelligence based camera assistant that allows people to record videos, editing and help with the video creation process.
3. On road trips, Would you sit at the back seat & relax to soft music or play loud music and take control of the wheels: I’m the type of guy who plays music loudly and takes control of the wheels (but if with that someone special, you got to switch to soft music).
4. A fitness gadget/app you use religiously: Any generic fitness app like Samsung Fitness or Google Fitness just to track my walks and jogs
5. Who you stalk on Instagram: LeBron James
6. Your go-to book: Autobiography of a Yogi
7. If you had to describe yourself in a hashtag: #babyfacedassassin

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