Rupali Hasija Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

Rupali Hasija Interview for 18th Exhibit Anniversary Issue

Rupali Hasija interview for exhibit

Rupali Hasija

@curlgirlofficial | India’s Mid-Size influencer 

Q1. How did @curlgirlofficial come into the world of content creation?

Growing up, I always had a huge inclination toward fashion. I remember learning stitching at the age of 12 so that I could revamp my boring clothing to something fun. I knew I always wanted to work in the line of fashion, but coming from a conventional middle-class family, my parents had different plans for me, and I went on pursuing my Bachelor’s and Master’s in chemistry honours that later on landed me a job as a chemistry professor. A few years down the line, when work started feeling monotonous, exhausting and stagnant, I began my content creation journey as a means to relive my passion alongside my 9 to 5 job. I was posting content merely for my own happiness and to help other girls like me find their personal style, though making it a career was never the plan, but during the COVID times, my IG blew up, and it went from 30k to 100k in 3 months. That was the time I decided to take Instagram more seriously. Soon, I quit my 9 to 5 job to pursue content creation full-time, and that is how the curl girl you know came into the world of content creation.

(P.S. For the longest time, I didn’t use my real name on Instagram because of the restrictions in my job and went by the name Curl Girl, till date many people know me by this name only.)

Q2. Any makeup trend you liked recently?

Not really a trend, but bold and fuller brows are making a comeback, and I am all for it. It’s amazing to see how eyebrows doing your brows the right way can completely transform your face. It is also that one thing I never leave my house without.

Q3. Choose: Daytime or nighttime skincare routine?

Our skin heals best at night, and even the products we use work much better at night since our skin is not exposed to outside inhibitors. So, if I had to choose, it would always be nighttime skincare. No matter how tired I am, I never miss it.

Q4. What’s your fashion pet peeve?

You guys are going to hate me for this, but I can’t stand animal prints, especially leopard prints; I have personally never liked this trend.

Q5. What other creators do you enjoy watching

I love Alana Pandey’s content a lot. It’s fresh, aesthetic, and just the right mix of everything. Masoom Minawala is also one of the creators I really look up to. Her content is authentic and relatable, which makes her one of the finest in the industry.

Q6. As we look back on Exhibit’s 18-year anniversary, how do you see the content creation journey has evolved over the years?

Over the years, content creation has exploded to a whole new level. What used to be a side hobby for many a few years back has now become a full-time career, and it’s a promising one. Not only that, social media has given people a platform to share their voices and talents with the world in the most rewarding way. I think content creation is such a mighty career, and if done the right way, it has the power to really transform lives.

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