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Shruti Haasan – The Sensational

Ex: Your upcoming flick Pitta Kathalu is about a dystopian tech society plunged into chaos! Do you think such a dark future awaits us as well?
Shruti: We are already a tech society. How distorted that gets depends on our ability to use technology wisely as a tool of communication and connection with others. Technology is a driving force in our everyday lives and it needs to remain a positive one rather than replace real human connection and warmth.
The narrative the director has put across in Pitta Kathalu is not an unbelievable scenario – it is possible but it’s also avoidable.

Ex:  What was the most fun part about playing a damsel in distress in a technocratic world?
Shruti: There’s no fun in playing a damsel in distress EVER so let’s get that out of the way first lol. I enjoy playing the role of various women and telling their stories through cinema- it’s not about me connecting to them as personalities or traits I relate to it’s about me connecting to the feeling of wanting to tell that story. The funny thing is even in a technocratic world basic human emotions never change but it made it more exciting to go through an emotional landscape in an almost cold world taken over by technology.

Ex:  You recently bought a PS5, how did you manage to secure one with such an insane demand worldwide?
Shruti: Hahahaha thanks to my mates at games the shop for hooking me up with an early pre-order for the console!

Ex:  What games are you currently playing on your PS5 and which ones are you looking forward to the most?
Shruti: I’m playing Astro’s PlayRoom which is a free game with the Playstation 5 and it teaches you the new features of the PS5 controller which I’m getting used to. I’m also playing Mortal Combat and apart from that, I’ve pre-ordered the new Resident Evil Village which I’m super stoked about.

Ex:  Are you a fan of Elon Musk and his Mission to Mars program? Would you like to live on Mars if given a chance and why?
Shruti: I admire anyone making forays into unknown territory and exploring the new and being brave through technology and life. I also think we have to be aware of the fine balance of exploration and caution. Humans have an easy ability to be greedy and self-entitled – whichever planet we may explore in the future, let us first be aware that we haven’t been the kindest to our own!
So while it’s exciting to think about exploring another planet it’s so important, to me personally, that we care for and cherish what we have on this earth and conserve and reverse the dire damage we have caused.

Ex: What car do you drive? If we are to arrange any car of your choice on any track /road which ones would you wish you?
Shruti: I’m the worst driver EVER in the history of the world so no I don’t drive unless I absolutely have to – so the right answer is I get driven around in my red Range Rover Velar.

Ex:  Does the concept of Cryptocurrency excite you? What do you think about Bitcoin?
Shruti: I think it’s an Inevitable future- seventy years ago if you said everyone would have a plastic card that’d hold the connection to their money or that you could transfer funds through an app they’d have think of you as insane! The biggest worries are the security breaches and the possibility of having all your “digital money“ stolen. The truth is that you run that risk even now with the instability of systems that we currently use. It all boils down to do you keep your money under your mattress or somewhere else I suppose! It’s all very fascinating. This is a prime example of how currency and financial resources can be decentralized. Yes, the debate is about the change, and as I said it is inevitable.

Ex: Electric car vs Conventional cars? Which one would you choose?
Shruti: Definitely electric for the good of the environment !! There’s no question about it – I don’t have one now but look forward to getting my first electric car.

Ex: Whose social media accounts do you stalk regularly and what do you usually look for over there?
Shruti: I follow a lot of interesting accounts! I don’t really stalk any of them, they pop up on my timelines and that’s that I suppose! I love looking at what my friends are up to and I love watching how people are using social media to put out their unique personalities.

Ex: Any recent gadget tricks that you discovered for your smartphone or laptop?
Shruti: I keep discovering stuff thanks to social media! Changing the exposure time for low light photography – I also realized that if you screenshot a text-based page and use the full page option to save the photo you can see all the text hahaha that made me super excited

Ex: Do you play Call of Duty on your PS5? If yes, then at what time do you usually log in?
Shruti: I never played call of duty, to be honest! I’m more into Arcade and story-based games

Ex:  Recent books that you read and absolutely loved it
Shruti: I’ve been reading a book called “democracy hacked “ by Martin Moore and it’s super interesting as it’s about the relationship between politics and technology and what huge impact technology and social media and the internet have had on changing the face and results of elections and changing the tides both positively and negatively if the political landscape

Ex: Pandemic has been very introspective for most, what have you discovered in yourself or about life in general.
Shruti: I’m stronger than I thought and I’m more sensitive than I realized – as always life is all about beautiful paradoxes.                                                                The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra represents the best of the Korean tech-giant. But is it the best one overall? In this detailed review, we finally tell you our verdict of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the burning question on everyone’s mind, is it worth its high price tag?

Ex:  Lastly, what are you hoping for the year 2021 to bring?
Shruti: More clarity about who we are and what we are capable of overcoming – more unity and more love.

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