Ujjwal Chaurasia | Gaming | Influncex'20 | Exhibit Tech

Ujjwal Chaurasia | Gaming | Influncex’20

Ujjwal Chaurasia-Techno Gamerz (Gaming Influencer)

Ex:  Tell us about a change you’ve seen in the digital blogging space since you started out your journey? How has this space evolved?

Ujjwal: Rise of Mobile gaming as compared to PC gaming and competition.

Ex: What would be your calling in a parallel universe? (Alternate career options) 

Ujjwal:  App Developer/ programming.

Ex:  If you were stranded on an island, what are the 3 gadgets you’d take along?

Ujjwal: Phone, Internet, and computer.

Ex:  A technology you wished you’d invented?

Ujjwal: Mobile Gaming.

Ex:  What’s been your favorite encounter with a fan so far? (DMs included!)

Ujjwal: One of Ujjwals fan started crying on Discord live call.

Ex:  Social Media is known to expose vulnerabilities, with influencers being at the epicenter. How do you deal with the dark side that comes with the medium?

Ujjwal: Always be attentive, think twice before clicking on links from unknown/corrupted sources.

Ex:  What does success mean to you?

Ujjwal: Owning my own gaming company.

Ex:  Do you think Influencer Marketing is a fad? Where do you see this space in years to come?

Ujjwal: Influencer marketing is doing wonders for Brands and Influencers both. It has a great future as digital modernization is rapid.

Ex:  Which three things does someone starting in the gaming industry need to know?

Ujjwal: Consistency, New trend, Content quality.

Ex:  What would you say is the biggest challenge for a gaming influencer?

Ujjwal: Making your identity at the beginning because the competition is too much, a concern of gaining followers and family pressure at the same time.

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