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Vu 75 QLED Premium TV Now On Flipkart!

Vu 75 QLED

Television sets have grown past from just being a necessity to now becoming a luxury as brands compete to deliver the best of technology while not being too heavy on the pockets. One such brand that looks promising when it comes to dispatching premium televisions at a very reasonable price. 

Vu has recently launched a Vu 75 QLED Premium TV that will initially be available on Flipkart at a price of Rs 1,19,999. This is the brand’s first launch of the year 2022, and Vu invites the viewers to go into the world of QLED to go on a virtual vacation. The new television has an extraordinary 75” screen, Quantum Dot technology, Dolby ATMOS 40W Speaker, Android 11 OS and an increased Colour Depth Perception, and make viewers feel like they are in the actual location of their travel. The television has been designed with a modern aesthetic in charcoal grey metal to match the contemporary trends of homes and offices alike.

Vu Televisions is the highest seller of 85” QLED TVs with its signature, Vu Masterpiece 85” TV which is priced at Rs. 3,50,000/-, and the has sold over a thousand units of the same. With the introduction of Vu 75 QLED Premium TV, the brand continues its commitment to provide beautiful and intelligently designed products at great price points. 

Vu 75 QLED has high-performance 4K QLED – Quantum Dot optical materials which control multiple zones backlight and improve TV’s colour performance, by creating a wide range of colour and using the most suitable contrast level according to content being played on screen. It also gives an impressive audio output with 4-speakers with 40-Watt output, creating an immersive experience through sound effects along with Dolby Atmos and Dolby audio processing. The 2X Master Speaker handles low and mid-range of sound frequency i.e. vocal and bass, while the 2X tweeter speakers control the higher frequency i.e. treble.

The new generation 4-core CPU with a powerful GPU and 16GB of storage space offers a seamless streaming experience for your favourite content. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 where one can connect multiple devices like a Gaming controller, headphones, Speakers, Keyboard and Mouse via Bluetooth.

You can buy the Vu 75 QLED Premium from Flipkart

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