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Dare to Inspire: World Records Broken by Women

“Women, whether subtly or vociferously, have always been a tremendous power in the destiny of the world.” 

— Eleanor Roosevelt, “It’s Up to the Women”

This International Women’s Day, we get to witness the resilience and beauty of womanhood in all forms. Despite the restrictions of traditional norms, these women were unafraid to break records and make their presence known to the world.

Lisa Farthofer

Lisa Farthofer, a 32 year old Austrian professional sailor, is the first woman to row the freezing waters of the Southern Ocean. She rowed in Antarctica for 407 nautical miles (753.7 Km) from January 11th to 17th 2023. She was part of an expedition with fellow teammates including Fiann Paul, Mike Matson, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, Stefan Ivanov, and Brian Krauskopf. Unfortunately, they were unable to complete their goal due to crew injuries and illnesses but their impressive journey managed to break many records. 

Lisa Farthofer (Austria)

Rut Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson

Rut Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson discovered her passion for skydiving and parachuting at the age of 90. After that, she set her goal to be the oldest tandem parachute jumper in the world and broke that record in 2022 at the age of 103. Her entire family were present at the scene, waiting for her landing, all incredibly proud of the elderly member of the family.  

Rut Linnéa Ingegärd Larsson (Sweden)

Asha Mandela

At the age of 60, Asha Mandela, an African-American woman, holds the record for the longest dreadlocks in the world. Beginning her journey 40 years ago, her hair today is more than 110 feet long and weighs around 19 Kgs. Mandela’s style is an inspiration to people who aspire to wear unique hairstyles that proudly present her culture. With support from her husband and stylist, she maintains her hair with care and detail. Mandela’s form of self-expression encompasses what it means to be a woman–to choose to love yourself. 

Asha Mandela (America)

Taylor Demonbreun

The 29-year-old American woman from Alabama embarked on her journey to visit all 196 sovereign countries in just 1 year and 189 days. Taylor Demonbreun set the fastest record, overall and female, on December 7th 2018. Initially worried about being unable to complete it in time, Demonbreun thoroughly planned her trek across the world and also worked during the journey to obtain visas for 60 countries. She sets a great example for every aspiring female solo traveller. 

Taylor Demonbreun (America)

Nathalie McGloin

After being involved in a car accident, Nathalie McGloin is paralyzed from the chest down when she was young. Her attitude and outlook on life completely changed after her spinal surgery. Before her accident, she admits she was not interested in car racing of any form. However, she proves that women, when determined, can achieve anything. She is the first female tetraplegic to be granted a racing licence. She also breaks barriers of gender, unbothered by the perception of female drivers in competition and focuses on encouraging other disabled individuals to pursue their interest in the sport.

Nathalie McGloin (England)

Wildine Aumoithe

Wildine Aumoithe was only 18 years old when she broke the record for the world’s shortest (non-mobile) female living. Her shorter stature is due to a rare form of Dwarfism. Thankfully, Aumoithe was never bullied for her Dwarfism during her school years, where people would expect it to happen the most, but she is neither shaken by any of the looks she gets in public. She now dreams of being a pharmacist, wanting to be the first little person to become one. 

Wildine Aumoithe (America)

Tamara Walcott

Tamara Walcott is a female powerlifter and mother recognised by the World Raw Powerlifting Federation American Pro for the heaviest cumulative lift for bench/squat and press in competition in 2022. As a part of her weight loss and fitness journey, she took up dumbbell classes and eventually picked up powerlifting. Despite only four years of experience at the time, she lifted a total of 737.5 Kgs across 3 lifts – squat, bench and deadlift. By marking her place in the world of fitness, she debunks the myth that plus-sized people are unfit. 

Tamara Walcott (America)

Harnaam Kaur

At the age of 24, Harnaam Kaur was titled as the youngest woman in the world to have a full beard. Kaur has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a common condition amongst women that elevates testosterone in female bodies. This caused her to grow a full beard of 6 inches, and while she initially planned to remove it, she learned to embrace her facial hair. The anti-bullying activist focuses on promoting body positivity and self-love.

Harnaam Kaur (England)

Ginny MacColl

Actress and Broadway dancer, Ginny MacColl, is an inspiration to elderly women as well as those suffering from different conditions. Diagnosed with osteopenia, her doctor recommended she begin upper body strength training. Initially struggling with even 5 pull-ups, MacColl reversed her condition within 2 years and broke the record for the oldest competitive female ninja athlete. A niche hobby even for younger people, MacColl achieved this at the age of 72 in 2023. 

Ginny MacColl (America)

The Humanity of Women

As women, there is a strong community built around encouraging one another to express themselves the way they wish to be seen. There is a history of discrimination and limitations imposed on women that need to be dismantled. Understanding what it means to be a woman through your abilities is the key to eliminating any social obstacles. With the will to never give up, these women were able to break records through sheer determination. We hope that more women, by seeing these records, are inspired to feel proud of who they are and set their records. 

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